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Wu Wei literally means ‘no action’ and is the central theme of Taoism or the Dao.

Many years ago, I knew of a great teacher, a Guru as you might say. He taught me a great technique by which one could alter the future. He cautioned me

It is to be used only in emergency and you must not forget Wu Wei.

My Mother was very sick. I performed this mental technique many times. I had to, because her condition kept on worsening. Then I had a dream. I saw

That I am sitting, meditating. A man’s wife is marrying some other person. The man is then marrying another person’s wife and so on. It is chaos. I am the cause.

I called the great teacher to ask for an interpretation. He said

“Your subconscious mind tells you that through this technique of meditation which I’ve taught you, you are able to influence the course of events in people’s lives. You are creating chaos.”

I said,”But teacher, I am only using it for my Mother.”

Yes,” he said, ” But insisting that her suffering end now. Each person’s Karma is connected to those of many other. You change one, you change a whole chain. You are creating ripples in many lives, not allowing people to learn their lessons. In a way, hindering their growth. You forgot the Wu Wei.”

He later taught me that Wu Wei is the law of Non resistance. Not inertness or non action. But perfect action. Through the power of deep surrender, awaken your subconscious mind to align with the Universe, in totality. Then conduct your action, but trust the Universe for perfect results.

I let go as he had taught. Some months later my Mother recovered, miraculously.

Wu Wei is action, it is challenging oneself to the extreme as athletes do. Yet it is inner inaction. A place of peace.

Try that for perfect results.

Non resistant Wu Wei.

19 thoughts on “WU WEI

  1. Wow…Is these things really exist ??
    One can really alter the future??
    I have only seen these in movies .

    But I really like your blog , and what your Guru said are the most prestigious words .

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    • Thank you so much. Everyone has a choice to write their own future. Yes, in life erasers are available. We can always rewrite or cancel what we’ve written.🙂


  2. This is wonderful, a reminder that many religious and/or philosophical traditions have embraced this wisdom. It’s extremely difficult in the face of suffering to be humble before God and accept, “Thy will be done…” I’ve long accepted that actions in the physical realm have these consequences taught by the Guru, but to understand that even prayer and meditation techniques can likewise adversely affect is deep. “Whatever you bind on Earth, will be bound in Heaven.” If we fear important decisions, having to weigh possible outcomes while given our inability to see the future of each choice, our only refuge is this very non-resistance or faith, “the peace of God which surpasses all understanding.” Inspiring story!


  3. Respected sir ji
    Thanks for the wonderful information.
    Again I have some quarries and questions

    1. Is ‘Wu Wei’ same as surrender as u taught in VCM practice.
    2. What it means exactly when you say …..Then conduct your action, but trust the Universe for perfect results.
    Is ‘conduct action. Means…u can pray or ask help to divine within in deep surrender?
    3. If yes
    Then when you say surrender means mrr jana..death…no desires, no questions,i always restrain myself praying while trying surrender
    Kindly elaborate
    Warm regards

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    • 1 wu wei is going with the flow. It is surrender in life. It isn’t a form of meditation, rather how to conduct day to day affairs. Like bhana manana in Sikhism.
      2 we can always pray and ask . However if we don’t get the results we desire, we accept the grace and go with the flow.
      3 we speak of surrender as in meditation. Once we surrender, we let go. During meditation we do not direct its course or think.
      God bless


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