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There are many meanings and hundreds of variations of dreams involving trains and cars. They generally refer to the journey of life. Let me provide some most common examples

The dreamer is standing on the railway platform. Her train arrives. She’s very confident that she can go inside. But before she gets in, the train leaves. She wakes up feeling bad.

Here the train represents an opportunity. This is a warning dream. Telling her not to be complacent or overconfident. An approaching opportunity in her career may be missed.

The dreamer, a blogger waits in the railway station with his wife. Their train has not yet come. Then he is outside the station. His eyes are swollen with an infection. In fact, one of the eyes can’t open. His wife comes. He looks at her. Now that eye can open.

This dream has mutliple meanings. The couple had to live separately for a while due to work commitments. The subconscious mind tells him that they will be together. However, the opportunity which they had been waiting for, regarding their careers may take a while to arrive.

Then his swollen and closed eyes. This shows that he is not able to see certain things around him. He doesn’t realise the gravity of certain situations pertaining to health. In actuality, the dreamer had not been heeding his wife’s advice on taking Covid precautions. His looking at his wife and opening of eye tells him to heed her advice. Then his health will be protected and he will understand the situation more clearly.

Happy dreaming.

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