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Many years ago, I knew of a great teacher, a Guru as you might say. One day, we sat on the sea shore. A wondrous beach in Malaysia. In that silence we meditated. Even after the contemplation was over, he remained engrossed. With his eyes closed, he spoke spontaneously

The very basis of every manifestation which occurs in the world lies in the realm of our thought. Our subconscious. Many masters know that. They also teach. Yet they cannot alter their Karma. They remain stuck within the Law. Cause and effect that is. This is an eternal cycle, a prison which we cannot perceive. It deceives us. Mocks at our inability to see. This Law binds the very wings of our soul.”

I asked him

Master are we all not governed by the law of Karma? ”

His eyes, still closed, he spoke very gently

The ultimate illusion is this law. Our souls are not meant to be trapped thus. Their destiny is freedom. We are made in the image and likeness of God. Do you think that the Divine super-power is bound by any such cause and effect? Then why should the image of the infinity be bound?”

What then is the truth, master?”

He opened his eyes gently. A warm and gentle light flowed. I thought that he spoke. He didn’t. I just knew what he said

Grace is the answer. Beyond the high peaks of the law it is to be found.

Perfect thought prepares the soil of the realm of thoughts. Clears the cobwebs. Creation happens with action.

Sometimes, silence and stillness is action. Other times toil is.

An athlete who rules the world is not born out of mere practice nor of only imagination. Thought and action must marry.

But action has to be non-resistant. Conduct your action, but trust the Universe for perfect results. Challenge yourself to the extreme if you have to. In inner inaction, stillness. Being brave enough to accept whatever results, go with this flow.”

Align with the Pristine thought and conduct Non-resistant Action. This duo will demolish the ultimate prison of the Law.

We will be in Grace.


  1. I was waiting since morning …. thanks for bestowing the wonderful real life I was reading’s like front of eyes…a feeling ..a grace in the eyes of guru..the light…touched my heart too.
    Great message, great knowledge…sir kindly explain this in more details
    Warm regards

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  2. Lovely story, Parneet. It reminds me of St. Paul’s understanding that we aren’t saved by our works or the law. We’re saved because of Divine grace, God’s faithfulness to us. We can all drink deeply from that well 🙂

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