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A big Law of the subconscious: It will always guide you on the right path, especially the spiritual. The choice of following is ours. Here is a very interesting dream

A blogger dreamt that she was walking and came to a very narrow path. Her physical body could not pass. Suddenly her form changed. She became the wind, crossed the constriction and came back to her physical body again. She felt good in the dream.

The dreamer is a newcomer to deep thought meditation. Her subconscious mind shows her that her true self is not the body. She is pure consciousness, infinite. It also tells her that her real self is not bound by constrictions of life. Once she connects to her inner kingdom, seemingly impossible situations will be resolved magically in her life. This is an encouragement dream, telling the dreamer that her spiritual path is right.


    • Yes. actual dreams and dreams of purpose. It doesn’t matter what you do, as long you are passionate.
      You are doing what you love, that makes you the best person to guide your children.
      Once my son’s cricket coach told him that he should quit as he won’t be able to make it. I told him that a loser was giving him such a useless talk. The coach had achieved nothing. That’s all he can teach. How to be nothing.
      That evening my wife and I invited one of the Indian team players home for tea. His outlook was completely different and he totally encouraged my son.
      Thank you so much for this comment.

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  1. Yes, motivation is an art. Nowadays parents are running in such a cut throat race, they link child’s career with their social status. Now the motivation is to achieve status symbol career or your dream career?

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  2. Thanks for sharing this post. I often get dreams about animals or walking beside the lake, I don’t know what that means in my life. But I enjoy remembering most of it.


    • if you do want to know the meaning, please keep a dream diary next to you bed. As soon as you get a dream, your eyes will open. Immediately write it down in detail. If you feel like, I can help you to interpret.😊

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      • Dreams emanate from the subconscious mind. Most of the dreams are meaningless as in they are only an exercise of the mind. To prevent mental atrophy. The meaningful ones are the dreams we would like to remember as they provide us huge meaning and guidance in our lives.
        You will start to remember even the beginnings of dreams once you keep a diary and focus . It takes a while, but you will😊

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