Lately, the question of making my blog award free has been stirring a debate inside of me. All issues considered, I feel that awards are an expression of mutual respect of friends. I somehow cannot make my blog friend-free.

To all my dear friends, my deep gratitude always.

Rishika Jain, a brilliant blogger has bestowed this award upon me. Her blog goes by

Rishika’s blog is that of dreamer. Poems, stories, her love for her sister and Santa Claus. It is the dreamers of the world who make it a better place to live. She’s one such person. He faith in human goodness reflects in her belief in the qualities of fictional characters. That is what makes her writing so truthful.

Nabeeha Jameel, another awesome blogger has created this award.

Her blog is equally vibrant. Do check it out.

This award is bestowed by Domeka. Her blog can be found at

Here is a person who is so in touch with her inner infinite self . Through the power of prayer, she provides succor to those who may have been thrashed and broken by the waves of life. ‘Beautifully broken into me’ is a true friend who gently nudges souls into making more abundant lifestyle choices.

Truly, she touches lives.

This award is also given to me by a young blogger Arjoo Jain whose blog is

She’s a spirited young girl and her blog represents that energy. One of her friends demotivated her from writing a blog and obviously said things which were probably out of line. But this blogger cried, stood up and with faith in herself, started this unique blog. That is the stuff, winners are made of.

To partake of such an energy, do visit her blog. Thank you Arjoo.

100cobbledroads wins Sunshine Blogger Award! –

Garima Puri from has nominated me for this award.

A young and upcoming blogger, she writes on lifestyle, against female infanticide and about the power of positive thought. She has already been the recipient of many awards. Perhaps, a tribute to her affability.

A Blog With Little Bit Of Everything !

If there is a blog which was based on positivity in its very ethos, it is this

The blogger Shagun Thakur is, true to her name, auspicious in her very soul. At such a young age, her writing reflects wisdom coupled with verve. So essential for our growth. It is a pleasure to be nominated for the

“A blog with a little bit of everything” award. Thank you Shagun.


I am taking the liberty of answering the important questions together

  1. What are the qualities of a good blog?

A good blog needs to be honest. The blogger must focus on the content and her vision. A single minded focus on ‘following’ takes the soul away from a blog.

2. What is it that you enjoy most about blogging?

It is an expression of me. It allows me to touch lives in a unique and non invasive way.

3. What is the best advice which you have ever received from anyone?

Have a self transcending purpose in life and always focus on that. Loved ones are always to be cherished. Reserve your best behaviour for them. The rest of life will follow.

4. Do you believe in forgiveness?

Yes. Most importantly forgiving myself for my own wrong choices. That is the only way I can move on.

5. If you could snap your fingers and change one thing about the world, what would it be?

If I could keep snapping and change myself for the better, everyday, that would be great.

I will nominate other bloggers in a separate post.

Thank you, my friends.

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