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We suffer. Religions tell us that there is a God and that we must accept this suffering as the will of God. It cleanses us.

One of the bloggers has sent an amazing dream to me

She dreamt that her husband and she have been crossing paths for many births. Not always pleasant. In this life, he wanted to marry her and here they are. She did not feel very great in the dream.

For any dream interpretation, it is very essential to have a discussion with the dreamer. That is how we can interpret it.

In this life, her husband is rather unkind to her. She hasn’t been able to express herself, do what she wanted to. He is even physically abusive.

Her question. Isn’t this the will of God that he is like that? Am I not destined to suffer for so many births by the Divine? I accept God’s will, but how long will I have to undergo this torture?

Sometime ago I had met the Dalai Lama. He said something very beautiful about suffering to me.

Every human being has the right to end his suffering.”

I think this statement of his is the perfect answer to this issue.

The lesson in suffering is not to keep on enduring and to be inert, lifeless. The fact that a lesson continues for many births shows that the lesson hasn’t been learnt. The lesson is to get up and find a solution to ones’ suffering.

Happy lives to all.


  1. Sometimes ending our abuse at the hands of a loved one actually frees them to also make a choice. Continue without changing or continue to change. One’s karma may be to have or do exactly that! There will always be suffering, but will we always have such freedom?

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  2. Ji sir
    Good morning
    Yes ji I know
    Again my habit I take friends problem as my own problems. In this regard I further request you you rightly said..u must have will power to end our suffering but ball is in other court. You can elaborate it further little bit how to end ur next lecture
    Good day

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  3. Yes… it’s a tricky one, isn’t it? I completely agree that everyone has the right to end their suffering. And nope – I do NOT accept that God demands we suffer in order to cleanse us – we suffer because the world is imperfect that that means the innocent suffer along with those who have caused the harm. So by all means do all you can end suffering. But if you are unable to end your suffering – if that poor lady is unable to leave her abusive husband because she has children and cannot support them, then that doesn’t mean she has somehow fallen short and is no longer worthy of God’s love. So we need to show kindness and compassion to those who suffer, when they unable to change their circumstances.

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