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Thank you God for my bed, thank you for my slippers, thank you for me, thank for………….”

Alina would give gratitude hundreds of times a day. Almost in every sentence. Yet, nothing changed in her life. I also know of many others with similar fate.


Fortunately, science has the answer. Studies indicate that excessive gratitude creates a form of ‘performance anxiety’ in some people. It negates the effect of gratefulness and prevents the formation of positive neural circuits.

The answer. Relax. No need to go on overdrive. Here’s what you do.

  1. Write a Gratitude journal. Yes! writing is far better in forming connections in the brain than only speaking. Write 3 times a week. Spend appx 15 minutes. Relax. Sit calmly in a comfortable place. Write five things you’re grateful for. But, in detail. If you’re grateful for your parents, please write some reason on why? Maybe a small incident. This sustained deep thought on an issue begins the process of attracting goodness really fast.
  2. Please write gratitude letters. Not bulk mail please. Maybe once in a month or once in a fortnight. A detailed letter to a person you are thankful. Incorporating something that person has done for you. For introverts like me who find it a bit embarrassing being so open, don’t post it. However, posting is a better idea, as long as you are comfortable with it. Of course you can’t post or email to the Universe if you’ve written one to her! 😊

Incidentally, even the animal kingdom has gratitude instincts.

For those desirous of deeper science, let me know and I’ll send you links to some peer reviewed research.

Happy Thanking and Happy Attracting Health, Wealth, Success, Relationships, Divinity.

30 thoughts on “MAKE GRATITUDE WORK

  1. Thanks for making us understand the new concept of over anxiety and over gratitude and suggesting a new way of offering gratitude.
    My gratitude to my master
    Guru Gobind dono khre kake lago paer
    Balhari gur aapne Jin gobind deo btae
    I m more greatful to my master then anyone else may be gobind
    As he bestowed me with the great knowledge
    How to be one with lord..the Gobind

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  2. It’s odd how even good habits on auto pilot can become meaningless, because they’ve become mindless. So many traditions have examples of this, and perhaps mindless isn’t actually meaningless. I don’t really know! You’re suggested techniques offer help towards good habits becoming once again mindful. Our intent can be restored. Writing is definitely a great way to get there…thank you!

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  3. Woah… this is such a amazing thing to do.
    To attach with your loved ones, and always thankful to them.
    I think, writing gratitude letter to someone is just the reminder for ourself, that somewhere, someone is waiting for us that we forget with the loads of work pressure .
    I learnt something new today !
    Thank you so much for sharing this. !🌸

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