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Someone asked me, “Where exactly do I find God? How do I get to meet him?”

I wanted to tell him that all around is that oneness. Too abstract, I thought.

Then I met a friend. She told me that in these Covid times, her son who is a pilot, was grounded. His salary was cut drastically. He couldn’t afford the apartment plus all the installments.

The son’s wife told him, “Our baby and I can go to my parents place for a few months.”

That’s when he called his Mother.

She told him, “Of course your wife is welcome to visit them. But I hope you didn’t give her the impression that when troubles knock at our doors, we run out of love.”

Incidentally, the son’s wife heard this and insisted that she and the baby would be with her in laws.

When their hands hold ours, my love shall also not falter, ” she said.

The hands which parents hold remain held. It is in these hands that you meet your God.

Just wanted to share this touching story of Divine love.

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