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A word about the super-conscious. My spiritual teacher who I sometimes refer to as my Guru taught me something very important about messages from that Divinity inside. He said

In order to guide you, the Divine has to dodge your own conscious mind. If you expect guidance in a particular way, your own mind can create such realities and you can land in an alleyway of the true path. It is mostly what or from where you don’t expect that such guidance will arrive. It is then unsullied and pure.”

I have been asking my inner omnipotence for guidance regarding certain events lately. Not able to comprehend the what or why of it all?

Today, first thing in the morning, I opened the blogs. There it was. A wonderful post by a truly profound person whose blog goes by the name ‘Mary’s Secretary’. She has written an amazing post about a movie on Moses, but it is her allegories which gave me all the answers.

The Divine fires or the power of the omniscience can be very strong as in being purgatory or gentle.

Just like Moses, one must view life from a higher perspective, the mountain. Only then can we fathom the events in our life.

Finally, the unflinching faith.

Years ago I read someone’s dream

He’s looking for a true man of God. His dream shows him an innocuous man in a hotel lobby. “That’s him,” a voice with a golden aura says.

The dream means to tell him that it isn’t always in the uniformed self proclaimed men that true divinity be found. Rather, a kind soul living in the world, one we might not think about, may be the one awakened.

That is a way in which I have met whom we call God many times. Not in men so caparisoned, but in gentle, kind and loving people who cross our paths everyday.

Thank you ‘Mary’s Secretary’.

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  1. I am MORE than blessed and more grateful than you know that God put our blogs in touch, you are a very dear soul, never doubt that you are immensely loved, and as John of the Cross so boldly says- “be assured, that if you are seeking God He is seeking you all the more”…:) God love you, and may Our Lady wrap you in Her mantle close to Her heart! You and your sweet wife.

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  2. Your post was like how ‘Mary’s Secretary’ was for you. Few weeks ago I am struggling to find the God in me as a lot of things keeps my mind occupied. I forgot how I used to pursue the innervoice. I guess your perspective would help me too!

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