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The pristine Law of Oneness says that there is only one. That we are all connected indelibly.

Can I, then hurt my hand without damaging myself?

A corollary to the above law is that when we criticize others, we partake a portion of their Karma upon ourselves.

During one of my seminars I met Duke. Young, but suffering from joint pains. He was very rancorous of his in laws and constantly spoke ill of them. I asked him if he could stop.

He did and healed within a month.

I had resentment in me. I constantly criticized some friends for trying to break my family. My body literally โ€˜broke upโ€™. Hernia.

It healed when I forgave, moved on.

It is true that we may need to inform others about abuse. We need to do that. We should report persecution.

But, can we make a choiceโ€ฆ

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15 thoughts on “DON’T SPEAK: HEAL

  1. We get too carried away speaking of the bad things people do to us that we forget to forgive them and move on. Constantly talking about what they did to us is just a means of clawing at old wounds that hasn’t closed up yet. Let’s talk less, forgive more and eventually we’ll heal.

    Nice post๐Ÿ‘

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  2. I used to stubbornly insist that forgiveness was a two-way street. The offender had to ask forgiveness or it wasn’t real. Sometimes offenders brazenly state they aren’t asking forgiveness. But time has taught me “unrequited” forgiveness is important for one’s own spirit to grow. This one-way street of forgiveness may also have eternal consequences and benefits beyond what we can comprehend for the offender as well as ourselves. Thank you for reminding us.

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