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Let me answer an oft asked question.

After we die, can we also take birth as animals?

It really isn’t such a difficult question to answer. Let me explain with logic.

Everyone knows the Law of Attraction. “Like attracts Like.”

There are also realms upon realms where life exists. Even on Earth, souls exist in the mineral kingdom, the plant kingdom and the animal kingdom. These are levels of existence which are below the human level. We are capable of higher thought, enlightenment et al. They aren’t. They have to be human to make that jump.

No wonder scriptures say that ‘man is made in the image and likeness of God.’ Even beings like ‘Devtas’ or ‘Fairies’ long for human birth. So difficult is this body to find. Scriptures call it “Durlabh” (one that is very hard to find).

We have a choice to have a self transcending purpose or of debasing our thoughts as humans. If all we’re ever after is material and in the process we forget what we call ‘human values’, we forget kindness, empathy; then at what level would you place our thoughts?

What kind of existence is a person leading here if he cannot even feel compassion? Like that of an inanimate object. Because research shows that even some animals feel empathy.

What would he attract when he dies? A realm where souls of similar thought level exist. Simple.

After we die, we are not assured of fantastic realms or fairies running after us?😊. Love begets love. If I have respected women here, I will be respected here and in the afterlife.

This is the reason that scriptures speak about existence post death. To make us comprehend that changing our thoughts is essential now. Here.

Souls exist as rocks, plants, animals, as ghosts, as monsters, as fairies, as angels and much more.

Thoughts of parents also mould their children’s lives and afterlives. Parents, be very careful.

Once my spiritual teacher was requested to come to someone’s home. These people were rich, but very distressed. The couple had lost three of their very young children to sickness. The lady was distraught. Now she had terrible nightmares that these children were born as chickens and were in deep pain. My teacher found that the couple had been so engrossed in accumulating wealth that they had lost their human nature. They would knowingly adulterate their poultry with toxins for wealth. Harming the health of many. He found that their own children had died and were born in their own poultry as chickens.

The story maybe believable or not. But the fact is that ‘sins of the Fathers do visit their children.’

Like attracts Like. Here and after death.

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  1. I absolutely agree with you on this! Karma exists. What you give to the atmosphere will come right back, if not in this birth then in the next. Thank you for penning it down beautifully.

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  2. Yes the doings of this life i.e. karma plays a vital role in deciding our place after death.

    Very well written πŸ‘πŸ€

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  3. Great knowledge
    Now you us to another realm
    But I feel sir ji, your core content is same…love..
    (As you r love urself… light of love
    Sound of Love).
    While exploring new realms of life
    Again you want us to understand that compassion, empathy are most beautiful ornaments
    Even a thought remained in my mind ever
    Those who behave like animals would born like animals only.
    Lastly again my query
    If our parents did wrong
    And we are awarded about it
    Then that to do about it.
    Warm regards

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    • Firstly we cannot blame our parents because we attracted them.
      Whatever the situation, ‘sarab rog ka aukhad naam.’
      Simran Bhakti like you have been taught, in deep surrender cleanses karma from different births.
      Bhariye Mat Papan ke sang
      O dhaupe Naavain ke rang.

      Through the awakening of the divine Naam Kalaah in deep surrender
      Blessings ji

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  4. Wonderful story!! It is indeed a wonderful and terrifying responsibility to parent children. It is also wonderful and terrifying to realize the moment when we become personally responsible for our own choices. Freedom is wonderful and terrifying. Sartre did at leasta understand that one for sure. But this teaching actually came to me from The Four Treasure Seekers of the Panchatantra. Remember the magician-king with the Joy-Terror wheel revolving upon his head? Magnificent story!

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    • I too have read that. This one I saw. Only a few years ago. It is heart rending. If only for the sake of our children, we need to be righteous. I just pray for that. Thank you that we can share such truths with you.

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  5. I found your article of great interest. While what lies after death remains a mystery, I believe in reincarnation. It makes sense to me as the means to our spiritual evolution. I agree when you say that the “β€˜sins of the Fathers do visit their children.’” But this can also begin within this life. It’s the theme of my debut novel, “Under the Tamarind Tree,” in which a son is forced to pay for the sins of his deceased father.

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  6. Ah! The law of attraction and Karmic relations. Very true, like begets like. And I definitely believe in Karma and that your positive or negative actions today will definitely affect you within this lifetime or the next but they surely will.

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