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Is human life the highest in this world?

Can animals or plants be reborn as humans?

There is no doubt that human life is the highest, because it is only through this consciousness that the supreme consciousness can be experienced. This is a critical step towards self realisation.

Every scripture also validates this.

The hierarchy is; mineral world, plant kingdom, animal kingdom and then humans.

However, every animal cannot die and hope for a human birth. Two conditions are essential

  1. Only those souls in animals which live close to humans can hope to make that jump. Horses, dogs, cats, dolphins or those who live as pets.
  2. The second condition is that these animals must receive lots of love from humans.

There are pets which get abandoned or those which remain unloved. They do not get a chance to evolve forward in this lifetime.

There is something special about the human soul. The more we love, the more we are able to help nature’s creation; unbeknownst to us.

Therefore, the more love our pets receive from us, the greater their chances of soul evolution.

The exception to the above conditions is that if a true saint, like a prophetic soul so wills, just a touch of her hand or feet, even accidentally can liberate that soul. Even from plants or stones. Yes, souls do get trapped in stones. There are plenty of stories in the scriptures which illustrate this.

So, friends, one more reason to spread love not just to humans, but to the entire creation.

Happy meditating and happy spreading love.

38 thoughts on “BECOMING HUMAN

  1. Very interesting.

    I know a lot of stories about this too! Mainly strange things about birthmarks, but it is so fascinating to wonder!

    Can all those unloved animal progress if someone comes along and loves them?

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    • Yes the unloved animals can be freed with love. human love is a very powerful force.
      My wife’s pet dog was really loved. After he died, we prayed for him. He came to wish her, thank her, because he had been freed.
      if you can write a post about birthmarks, I will be happy to have a guest post of yours on my blog or to reblog as you so wish.
      I have had many experiences about birthmarks too.
      Thank you for your insights.

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    • I wish you would know what your kind comments mean. They validate the work we all do. Thank you so much. It is not just deeds, but simple words like your which touch lives as well. Thank you so much

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  2. “spread love to animals ❤️”
    Wonderful new lesson.
    And very beautiful.
    Thanks you sir ji.
    Again my question please
    As it’s written in Gurbani:”Jin prem keo tin he prab payoo”
    So is there a chance for us??
    If one loves selflessly
    One can attain salvation??

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    • ‘Prem’ comes on two levels. One at loving humanity and nature. In seeing the oneness. secondly, at the level of meditation. That is why our meditation is called Prema Bhakti.
      With love in your heart surrender.
      Blessings ji


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