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The path to self realisation is thinner than the breadth of a hair and sharper than a razor’s edge.”

One can attain this supreme knowledge through discipline, trials and tribulations. Through the practice of deep stillness, of learning to empty the vessel as they say. The Sunn Samadhi of the deepest surrender.

But beware, greater amount of meditation is not equal to greater attainment.

Food cooked on slow fire is sweet and retains its vigour.”

In the same way, too much of meditation awakens a power within which cannot be handled by the initiate. Hence, he goes into what is called ‘Spiritual Crisis’.

The symptoms. Always wanting to be in meditative state, detachment with even the loved ones, not wanting to do the essential chores and of course visions, speaking voices and such experiences in abundance.

This is not correct and can lead the initiate away from the spiritual path.

Nurie would meditate for hours daily. One day she told me that she was not married to her loving husband. Lord Krishna was her husband. She wouldn’t want to go home, be with her kids.

Some ‘saints’ in temples etc get into this state.

People look at them with awe and say that the seer has great spiritual knowledge. He speaks from God.

Actually, the spiritual growth of such people has stopped. They are in crisis.

The Solution

Simple. Just stop meditating for a few days. Go for a holiday with children. Enjoy a movie. It settles down within a few days.

Then restart the spiritual practices. In control.

Hope you all enjoyed this little peep into our advanced meditation course material.

Blessings to all who read.

52 thoughts on “SPIRITUAL CRISIS

  1. Very right sir ji
    Some of us have been through spiritual crisis and resultant consequences
    Master reads the minds of his disciples
    I was feeling little greedy to increase time
    Thanks for reminding 😊😊

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  2. This is fascinating. I’m a novice with meditation. I try to meditate twenty minutes a day, two sessions of ten minutes each. It’s not much, but I have found that after each meditation, I write better, and I tend to avoid mindless activities that take me away from writing. And of course there’s always that wonderful air of freedom that lingers after meditation. I’m retired and I spend most of my day reading and writing. Here in Alabama, we are in the middle of a pandemic that no one still understands. I’m seventy-one so sheltering-in-place is easy for me. πŸ™‚

    I absolutely enjoy your posts. Thank you so much for sharing.

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    • Hi Paul. I am touched by your detailed writing. Please do carry on with your meditations. i have taught for 28 years all over the world. Whichever meditation you’re doing please do ensure that it involves a deep level of relaxation. That takes the brain into slower waves and is immensely helpful.
      I hope the pandemic goes away soon. It is kind of omnipresent at the moment.
      All the very best to family

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  3. parneetsachdev — Thank you so much for your kind and thoughtful comment. I happened to just have read your post on taking a break from meditating and it was so good as well. It was helpful to me to be “given permission” to take a break in order to come back to important things refreshed and renewed. We must keep our eyes on the prize, but also take care of the soul. (I will post this comment on your page as well). Thanks so much for your encouragement, Jane

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  4. In the era of Netflix and Amazon, no one is interested in reading our scriptures and the so called modernism is the root cause of our destruction. The modern education system is responsible for breaking the back bone of our values. Nice post sir.

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  5. Parneet, I guess to reach this extreme would be exceptional cases. Meditation is not an easy process to achieve peace. So, to attain success here itself is a challenge and to reach that extreme… yes, it could be slightly harmful for those who still have to fulfill their duties.

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    • you’ll be surprised how many people reach that extreme. Plenty.
      The issue is that of what we read in media.
      Meditation/spiritual work and life are not mutually exclusive. A person who loves her family, has empathy and is working full time is far more spiritual than one who wears a uniform and has hundreds of followers running around.
      I have done med etc for 29 years. Believe me it is all about inner goodness and strength.
      Warm regards to your family.

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