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The river that flows in you also flows in me”


Compassion is akin to the “Maitru-Prem” or the unconditional Motherly love towards her children.

However, when it comes to us, our inner critic is always active. Telling us always

You got late today. You’re lazy.”

The client was unhappy. You don’t know your job.”

Your child smoked pot today. You’re been a bad parent.”

We internalise these chides.

However, if we gave ourselves some “Maitru -prem”; understood our own selves, our circumstances better. Life would be happier.

We definitely need to know that inside us, as inside everyone else, flows that infinite oneness. The super-consciousness.

As we commence our life of being kind and compassionate to ourselves, mystically we begin to touch that inner power.

Try it out. Stop criticising yourself. Let mistakes be forgiven.

Don’t we ever get ready to start a fresh relationship with people?

Start a fresh relationship with yourself. Today.

One based on compassion, understanding. Non-judgmental.

Forgiving your own failings.

Try it out for a week. Tell me in my blog if nothing changes in your life.

I say with conviction that something will. Definitely.


    • I am humbled by the amount of time you’ve taken to comment on so many posts. Deeply touched.
      I must say that a doctorate is one of the hardest to go through. Since my wife completed hers, I always write her name as Dr Tanvir with lots of pride.
      When I read your name, I knew that someone must be very proud of you as well. All the very best

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  1. ‘Start a fresh relationship with yourself’
    Parneet, this is a wonderful theory to follow in life.
    Now when I am reaching almost 50, I understood this concept and trying to follow as much as I can. Probably age teaches us a lot and makes us mature.

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  2. Thanks for liking so many posts. It really helped me to bring out from slumber. I was repeating my self and thought I’m done., why to go on writing meaningless posts. Coming from you it’s a great honor.

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