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Do our dreams guide us about foods?

How important are dreams?

A blogger had a recurring dream. She would see three white men, dressed in white clothes. The moment she would come close to them, they would start beating her. When she would wake up, she’d be very scared.

This dream, with minor variations would come to her every two months. I asked her what white coloured foods was she taking in good quantities. Milk, White bread and White sugar, it turned out. She was consuming a litre of milk every day, white bread was staple and she loved her sweets. Very clearly, these things were hurting her body immensely.

She stopped and within a month, her asthma disappeared.

What does dreaming of dead persons mean?

Another lady I met in a seminar in Malaysia. She dreamt of her dead aunt. This old aunt would come and give her a whole cup of white ‘purified’ salt and ask her to have salty foods. The dead aunt would laugh in the dream when the dreamer prepared her food.

The dreamer was fond of salty foods. However, she was using refined table salt. This dream tells her that this particular food would kill her. The dead aunt is a very important symbol. Shows death in this dream.

I asked the lady to switch to mountain salt or fresh celtic salt. In two months her skin dermatitis disappeared.

All ‘dead people’ dreams are not about foods. Symbols are specific to a dream and the dreamer.

Take care, trust your inner mind to guide you.

Happy dreaming

58 thoughts on “DREAMS: FOOD

  1. I seldom remember my dreams, the ones I do remember, are never about food.

    I have been craving salty foods lately, I let my “cravings” determine when to stop.
    I have cut out much of the “sweet” foods out of my diet lately. It’s hard – but not impossible “if” you really want it

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    • I absolutely agree with you. If one is determined it can be done. Since I’ve been studying and interpreting dreams for more than two decades, you’ll be surprised how often people dream of foods, not really knowing about it.
      Thank you so much for sharing your experience with me. It is very nice of you

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  2. I hardly remember the dreams and I know that I need to try harder to talk to my unconscious. since last year i have been trying to remove sugar, gluten, industrialized ones, because i know that all this increases the inflammatory potential of the body, but today you presented this aspect to me through dreams. very interesting! liked it!

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    • Thank you so much
      My prof of mind science told me
      Food for one maybe poison for another. Individual bodies are different. One of my friends was suffering from cancer. His doctor insisted on 12 chemos. His dream told him he would get too toxic. Only 7. He got only 7. He survived. 8 years now.
      Its an amazing world insideπŸ™‚πŸ™‚


  3. I agree with the Kenneth , I also seldom remember my dreams, and nowadays I can’t dream about anything.
    But there are few dreams which I like to share with you. Is it okay ?

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      • Okay !
        So, this is one part of the dream which I remember it concisely apart from the whole messy other parts.
        “Someone asked me to stand on tha

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      • Okay !
        So, this is one part of the dream which I remember it concisely apart from the whole messy other parts.

        “Someone put me in the dark and empty room, and asked me to go and stand on that centered rectangular table. I walk through it with trembling. Once I have done, then he leaves ” GREEN SNAKES”(specifically light green colour) all over the room and watch me on that situation. They slightly started to encircled me and I’m very much scared, I didn’t have the Idea what to do on the another hand they are moving close to me and few inches far to stink.”and suddenly I opened my eyes.

        Can you please tell me what does the “The Green Snakes ” symbolise here ?

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      • Ideally I would have liked to speak to you so that we could decipher the exact meaning. However, let me give you a few options in this context.
        Obviously you are afraid of snakes. So that is a symbol of poison.(some people are snake bhaktas- for them symbol means something different).
        To me there appear to be two types of meanings. The first option is
        Foods. Someone has left you in a dark room. Unknown person. Darkness– you can’t see. you can’t decipher. On a table–when do you ask someone to stand on a table? when punishing. Tables are also used for dining, unless it is a study table or something.
        Green snakes- he leaves. If we think of snakes as foods, it implies that there are some light green foods which are causing toxicity to you. the food itself may be OK, but some external person has done something to it. these days people are using lots of chemical to ripen fruits. These are very toxic. Please see which food are you eating often. light green. Mango varieties, pear, apple, lettuce, cabbage or something else like a supplement. Has to be light green- could be even light green tea.etc. Consuming often. Some of these may be laced with chemical which is causing you toxicity. It is a warning dream. The snakes are close to you– means that symptoms of toxicity are not yet seen fully. You are in dark– means you don’t consciously know about it.
        Please think about it.

        The second option could be about people who are jealous of you. Green is colour of envy- jealousy. In that case also it is a warning. Beware some jealous people at your work, some friends, maybe relatives.

        However, in your case the first option i.e some light green food– appears to be more the case.
        please ponder and let me know


      • Yes,I think the first case might be right.
        Six months later i.e, on Jan I was diagnosed with Jaundice probably due to mess food and it infect my liver badly.
        But, I have saw this dream after I have completely cured i.e., somewhere on March.

        Probably, according to your saying, it might be a signal that don’t repeat this again i.e., Jaundice can come again may be if you don’t take care of yourself …..

        Thank you sir for giving me your time.

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  4. I believe that we know what wrong we are doing or eating. But we go with our temptations and don’t want to change our thought process. Subconsciously, those thoughts turn into dreams.
    The whole concept is quite intresting. It sounds so good that you are helping so many people.

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    • you’re absolutely right. Actually the subconscious is the infinity within. Ot always tries to guide us towards righteousness. Dreams are only one of the many methods in which it acts.
      Thank you so much for reading. I also agree with you that if we’ve already acted then there is no reason for the subconscious to give us a dream

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    • Trust you to get to the crux so wonderfully.
      I really admire you for your honesty. Perhaps that is one quality which takes a person closer to whom we call God than anything fancy or a uniform.
      Thank you for your reading. Always


  5. Thanks dear sir for sharing wonderful knowledge.
    I remember bhai Sahib Ji used to say
    Be away from 3 white things
    White suger
    White bread
    White rice.
    Sir in winters we use shakar and gur. what’s substitute in summer??

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  6. Sorry for the intrusion, but I believe our grandparents used to use Khand Shakkar a lot as a better option than white sugar. Now coconut sugar is much more popular as the best substitute for white sugar, though it is pretty costly. I believe it is available online.

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  7. Such an intersting blog post! I wonder what it means when you don’t dream, or at least don’t remember your dreams when you wake up. Love your blog!

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