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Do words have power?

Does visualisation work?

In a seminar, one person insisted that all this has no meaning. She hadn’t read any research on it. People were making it up.

I’m so glad she argued so vehemently. I had always been giving scientific evidence to people. Plethora of it.

Bur, how to explain to her?

I just showed her some picture of advertisements. Why would she buy Gucci? Why would I love the BMW?

Words and picture are powerful. Unknowingly we let them go inside. Into our subconscious of acceptance.

Beware, the words of silence.

64 thoughts on “WORDS OF SILENCE

  1. We are always exposed to receiving subliminal advertising. They are harmless messages but they are effective because they make us buy things that we don’t need. Quite an art of conviction below the threshold of perception. A pleasure to read you.

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  2. Even in ancient books, like the Christian Bible, words are said to have the ability to cause life or ruin. The tongue is said to be one of the strongest muscle/organ.
    One great man once said the pen is mightier than the sword.
    Proof that words are truly significant

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  3. Thank you for all those likes of my stories.

    I really hope you stopped to read some of them before placing a like..

    I will also be checking out your work to see what you have to offer..
    And I will definitely read before I like…

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  4. Words vs visualization??…

    I guess it’s just the way you decide to deliver your idea or product.

    One doesn’t actually need pictures if you are capable of giving a visual description of the product…

    Yes photos does create a more visual effect to some

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  5. Great post dear parneet,that’s what people have to think twice before speak…it’s like a bouncing ball the words you spitted can’t be taken back but it will give you the reaction of what you speak…

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  6. Yes and Yes! I’m always carful what I say especially to my kids. I speak to them in a way that I wish my parents had spoke to me. Breathing confidence and strength into me. Words are so powerful. I am loving catching up on your blog!

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