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Should I be an atheist? Does God condemn the atheist? What is the wrath of God?

In order to answer these questions, let us fathom or try to fathom the real nature of whom we call God or Omnipotence or Universe.

In short, I may be loving. The Universe is not. It is Love itself. A huge difference.

Being loving is a trait in my personality. If I am not feeling good, I may be angry, depressed. I may not feel love.

Yet the Universe is not like that. It is Love itself. It is that omnipotent consciousness. That flow of energy called Love.

Therefore, it can’t be angry or in wrath. Because that would mean absence of love.

If I shout , “I deny your existence.” to the Sun or the electricity. Will the Sun get angry with me and stop shining for me? or will the electricity stop charging my laptop? Will it secretly give me electric shocks?

In the same way the Omniscient Universe is beyond these human feelings. It is not a schoolmaster who is forever judging; forever ready to punish. To take credit for all good and to punish us for every fault. If this is my perception of God, then I’d better be an atheist. Because such a ‘God’ does not exist.

When the scriptures speak of ‘destruction of evil’ they do not mean the killing of those we don’t like. Clearly it is an allegory. Referring to the dark thoughts within us. To destroy that ‘evil’ with divine illumination.

The God that I know is ever loving. Forgiving. Ever healing. The best friend.

If you insist on the God of the rituals, the guy whose always a punisher, angry person, forever judging. Then I would be an atheist.

But if there is someone who truly doesn’t judge. Just loves, heals. Who exists as my heart and soul. Then I’m a believer.

Depends on the kind of God!


      • Great post !
        Actually no one has the answer
        ‘Why bad things happen to good people’
        Being a orthopod , get to see so many cases – of persons praying at a religious place, falling and sustaining a fracture- why it happened at HIS place where he is praying for own health and happiness
        Then here comes in Karma ! Don’t understand

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  1. Parneet, you have defined God, the divine energy so well. I feel a good deed connects one better to God/ positive energy, whatever one feels, than only religious chants without any compassion or empathy for fellow beings.

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    • absolutely true. Years ago I defied one of the most important rituals of our family religion. The clergy was upset but stopped being so once I rose to an important position🙂🙂
      God was fine 🙂🙂
      What a wonderful comment from you. Reiterates my belief that spirituality comes not in uniform but in goodness of heart. Like you display

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  2. It’s true. If I believed what’s written in your article, I would be an atheist too. Understanding of most holy or sacred writings define God as a Creator of Life, after that, the decimation of the Creator seems to come from the creatures of Creation. Once humans get involved in the Master Plan, things seem to go amuck. My personal experience says, there is a God who preserves those who believe and act according to that belief. After that, it’s anybody’s guess… imho. 🙏🏾😊

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  3. Beautiful!

    “To take credit for all good and to punish us for every fault. If this is my perception of God, then I’d better be an atheist. Because such a ‘God’ does not exist.”

    I wouldn’t believe in such a “God” either! How can my creator be so heartless …thankfully He’s not! He is a loving God.

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    • Thank you so much Kanchan ji. What you know intuitively, took me many decades to understand. That most of what is in our scriptures is about the inner world of thoughts.
      I deeply respect your insight


  4. Thank you for so much to mediate on! I myself have recently left the church and stand a bit confused on all the years of its hypocritical teachings! God is love and love is love. My church, unfortunately did not teach that🙏🏼

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    • please try to read the ‘New Thought’
      Eg Judge Troward. They are very logical and present a picture devoid of ritual, fear and dogma.
      I totally understand you. You have a beautiful mind which seeks to think on its own
      Please never let that go. Thank you so much

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  5. Parneet, this is one revolutionary article. How can God be judgmental? Sometimes I feel people try to hide their wrong doings behind God. I have seen some shopkeepers keep cheating people whole day and at the end of the day they will go to the temple and offer offerings. Are you bribing God???

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    • You know 28 years ago I had a dream in which I saw Sonu. Also saw that she would lead me to the discovery of God within. It’s been a very eventful journey. I have disovered that God is none of things our religions speak about. It is a pure flow of loving super consciousness. Your ever present best friend. That simple.
      I’m so glad that you could relate to this simple article.
      Warm regards

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  6. The God I know is love, patience, forgiving and a hope for eternal life. If my God doesn’t exist I still have a great book to go by to live a good life and love people around me.

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  7. Great post !
    Actually no one has the answer
    ‘Why bad things happen to good people’
    Being a orthopod , get to see so many cases – of persons praying at a religious place, falling and sustaining a fracture- why it happened at HIS place where he is praying for own health and happiness
    Then here comes in Karma ! Don’t understand

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    • dr ji as long as we keep believing that there is an outside force which does things, we can’t understand the truth.
      We are the creators. With our thoughts.
      Can’t blame an imaginary person outside🙂🙂
      Thank you so much for reading this post


  8. God is love…a love that does not even compare to human love. Look at how much patience he was with humans. How much evil is in this world and yet….he still hasn’t come to take his children home, those that love him and believe in him.

    Why? because he is full of love and mercy, waiting for the whole world, every human being, to hear about his love and his son who gave his life for us to pay for our forgiveness and through Jesus we can reach the father.

    Why do bad things happen? Because ever since the fall of Lucifer there has been a battle between good and evil. The devil knows his time is so short now so he hurts and kills as many as he can.

    The more evil this world gets, the more God and his angels withdraw their protection from this world. Why? Because majotity of people ask for it. They want Bibles out of schools, they want God out of schools. athey want to be free to do whatever they want and God, because he never forces us, he just withdraws from us if we dont’t want him.

    Why do natural disasters and diseases happen more frequently and severly now? Because we are nearing the end of the world and the devil knows his time is short. He hates God, he knows he will lose the battle and so he wants as many human beings to perish with him so he can hurt God.

    But those who stay close to God, will be safe in the arms of God, under his wings.

    It doesnt mean they won’t have trials, sickness and lose loved ones. God makes us stronger through trials and tests our faith and love in him through all these trials. Will we choose to cling and hold onto him in times of trouble? Or will we blame him?

    For those of you who think God is unfair, read the book of Job in the Bible, what Job he went through (the devil did all the destruction to him, God allowed it to prove to the Devil that Job loves him truly, no matter how tough his life will get and how much he will lose). Guess what? Job remained loving and faithful to God to the end and conquered the devil.

    I lost precious parents on 8th Sep 2017. So sudden, so unexpected, in a tradgic accident. Does it mean God hates me cuz he took them away from me at such a young age? (dad 63, mum 62). Does it mean I have to hate God? No. Bible says that they are sleeping, and no nothing. No, they are not wondering around in heaven and watching me, that is another man made myth and not what the Bible teaches. When Jesus comes, he will call out their names and they will hear his name from the grave and resurrect and join Jesus in the air. It hurts, it’s traumatiaing, I cry almost everyday and I havrn’t been the same since the day I lost them.

    But, with God, we can go through whatever he allows in our lives. So…diseases, death, natural disasters…all are caused by thr devil, God allows trials sometimes in our lives to test our love for him and make us stronger. He strengthens us through his love and promises in the Bible. One day soon, we and our loved ones will be reunited and this time, FOREVER. How loving is God?!

    How loving is it of him that when we do die, we know nothing, he takes our souls and takes care of them and gives them back to us at the resurrection of Jesus’ second coming (for those that believe and have died in the Lord).

    For those that die and chose to live a life without God, they will be resurrected at the second resurrection when Jesus and the brlievers will descend on mount Sinai from heaven with the holy city and from there resurrect every unbeliever, right from the begining of this earth’s history. Believe it or not, God is so loving that even then, ALL OF THEM will be given a chance to accept God and enter the holy city, there is room enough there for everyone. But as I mention at the end of this post most will not want to enter the city.

    God hurts so much when humans choose to not believe in him and keep the commandments that he gave to Moses, for our own good.

    However, God, because he is LOVE, he never forces us. He leaves it to our own choice and also has told us the concequences of not obeying his simple 10 commandments.

    Is he a bad God for giving us 10 rules to live by? No! The first 4 commandments are designed for us to love and worship only God, not idols and false prophets. How do we know prophets are false? Well we study what they teach and if they have deviated from the 10 commandments and do not accept Jesus as son of God and our saviour, then the alarm bells are ringing. Stay away.

    The next 6 commandments are a guide for us to love each other and our neighbours, other human beings, and do no harm to anyone.

    Therefore, the 10 commandments are perfect, for our own good. Why do humans hate to follow something that is desgined for our own good?? Because of selfishness and ego, these come from the devil and we must get rid of selfishness and ego. The Bible says that the 10 commandments will endure forever and will be in heaven unto eternity. So for those that don’t want and like the 10 commandments in the government of God, then they will male trouble in heaven and God does not want trouble, He wants peace, love and harmony.

    The Bible tells us that we will celebrate from Sabbath to Sabbath in heaven, unto eternity. So, the 10 commandments are not goong anywhere.

    So will God burn those that don’t obey his 10 commantments in hell fire forever?? No. This is again, a man-made myth and a way for churches to scare members to intimidate them into doing what they ask members.

    There will be no hell fire. There will be a second judgement and whoever is found ‘wanting’ as in choosing not to believe in God and keep his commandments, accept Jesus as their personal saviour, then they cannot enter into heaven.

    Why? It’s simple, God does now want conflict, crime, criminals, killing, liars, in heaven. It causes pain. There will be no tears or pain in heaven, evil must be banished forever.

    At the time of judgement of the unbelievers in God….the city of Jerusalem will be descended on Mount Sinai here and the gates of the city will be open. Why? because God is love. He is giving a last chance to those who he resurrected the second time to stand under judgement. They have the chance to accept God and Jesus and his commandments and walk into the city.

    But guess what? Most of them will not want to, they will join forces with the famous fighters down through the ages (ever since the beginning of this earth’s history) and the devil himself to try and overthrow the holy city….that is when Jesus will shut the gates forever. A bit like when God shut the door of Noah’s ark forever…..

    Will those that chose to stay outside burn in fire? No. They will simply fall to the ground from the shining bright light of the righteousness of Jesus and perish. Just like when Moses was on Mount Sinai and talked with God and was given the 10 commandments, his countenance changed and hos face was shining with so much light. When he came down to the people of Israel, a lot of them perished from the light, those that were in so much darkness….(doing bad and evil things). they couls not stand in the light of righteousness which was shining on Moses’ face because he just talked with God!

    Those that have more hatred toward God and rvil in their hearts…will take longer to perish. The last one to perish forever is the devil himself and will take the longest…

    Am I making this all up? No way, I just read the bool of revelation. It’s all in there for those who really want to ‘see’ the truth!

    How loving was Jesus!! At the beginning of the book of Revelation, it says that Jesus revealed the end times to his beloved disciple John, while John whas exiled in the Island of Patmos as a punishment for being a follower of Jesus. Jesus wanted ALL OF US TO KNOW WHAT IS COMING AND BE READY!!!

    So….God is love…everlasting love….but he does not want another Lucifer in heavn ever again.

    Why doesnt the theory of ‘burning in hellfire forever and suffering forever for your sins’ fit with God’s love??

    Simply because God is love. The devil could sit there and watch people burn and suffer in everlasting fire but God could never do that because we are all his children, bad or good. So for him, it breaks his heart when some of his children decide not to humble themselves and accept Jesus as their saviour and abide by God’s law which is there for our own good.

    If that were true and God, Jesus, angels and all those that get to heaven were to sit there in heaven and watch people burn in hell and cry for help forever and ever ….would there be happiness in heaven? NO!!! Would that mean LOVE? NO!!

    Imagine If you have a kid. You yourself get to heaven but your kId decided to not believe in God and Jesus and didn’t make it to heaven. Would you be happy and dandy in heaven while your kid is burning in hell forever and you get to hear and see that forever? OF COURSE NOT!

    The bible says that after the devil perishes forever along with those that chose to not believe in God and his son and not keep his commandments, then pain, tears, death, sadness and All the former things that we all knew of, SHALL PASS AWAY FOREVER. And he will make earth new!!!

    Yes….God is love…the greatest love that we as humans cannot even comprehend!

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    • I am overwhelmed Irina. The sheer amount of time you must have spent in writing so extensively. Straight from the heart.
      Firstly please accept my condolences on the loss of your parents. I too have lost them and I know how it feels. May the divine bless them and you.
      About all the other things including suffering, end of the world etc, I absolutely understand every word you’ve said. It is very profound.
      All I can say is that I am deeply grateful.
      Thank you so much. I shall always remember your wonderful words.

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