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Spirituality includes our search for meaning, for purpose. It encompasses our connection to a larger consciousness, maybe the Universe.

People find the essence of such an experience of transcendence, joy, of being alive in diverse things. Some find it in meditation. I know a great classical dancer. She finds a larger wholeness in her dance. Some find it in their achievement, in their work; even in bringing up children.

Religion tends to be much more rigid. It provides rituals, the concept of right or wrong, of reward and punishment. It has its value as it organises a society, tries to bring order.

Spirituality is more forgiving. It attempts to answer questions like

How am I connected to the world around me?

How may live a more fulfilling life?

What meaning do I find in my suffering?

Every person, regardless of beliefs, religion, colour or any other differentiation can find peace in the quest for spirituality. It is a gentle, accepting consciousness.

It helps you to be who you are.

To be free.

I would be happy with your opinions if you’d want to write.

Have a happy life.

103 thoughts on “SPIRITUALITY: WHAT IS IT?

      • Thank you very much 😊
        I enjoy your writing. Our world is so centred on the routine and religious practice so much that we miss out on everything else life is about… keep writing! We hear you

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  1. I love your description of the difference between religion and spirituality. “Spirituality is more forgiving,” you say. How beautiful and how true! I would like to add that spirituality is also openness and acceptance of the other without preconditions.

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  2. I’ve been on my own path to find what spirituality is to me because I always felt like religion could be full of hypocrisy and it’s constantly contradicting itself. This was wonderfully written though, and a great way to explain what spirituality is.

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    • I too had similar experience with religions. Too confining. Totally judgmental and you’re so right– hypocritical. In spirituality I found a true friend. Your words are so profound Selene. Thank you

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  3. In my opinion- Spirituality is search for soul and to understand the purpose of life. Religion ( not biased one) is a way of living and step towards concentration…meditation and ultimately spirituality.

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  4. In a world seemingly governed by materialism and scientism, it’s good you encourage spirituality. The positive side of religion is community and shared beliefs, while allowing for individual gifts. The negative is as you say, hypocrisy and judgment. I believe God is Holy Spirit, so the more we personally immerse ourselves in it, or allow us to be filled with it, the more spiritual we become. We journey and meet others on their own way 🙂

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  5. So much to talk about religion and spirituality and you summed it up so briefly!!
    In my opinion religion bounds us with many rules and regulations whereas spirituality makes us free .But I guess spirituality itself could be a religion, if someone can follow it this way.

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    • Dear friend
      it is definitely a proud privilege to have been nominated by you. I accept this honour with humility.
      I have seen your blog and I do recognise the quality of your writing, the honesty of your posts.
      I have followed your blog.
      May I also have the privilege of nominating you for the Kennedy award of excellence
      thank you so much

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  6. Religion is quite judgmental; and yes, spirituality is more forgiving. It allows others the freedom to become–as they see fit–without undue pressure. It is attractive to others. They often seek what it has to offer, but most do not want to give up perceived control. Thus, they flounder, but others are perceived to be the ones lacking. Blessings!

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  7. Spirituality is a deeper sense of who we are, our purpose and meaning. I’m finding the times we’re living in to be full of questioning and delving into my inner self. Thank you for your words here. 🙏

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  8. Very interesting post on religion and spirituality. Although I am a practicing Muslim, I feel open enough to embrace other spiritual practices, yoga, meditation, mindfulness that are not, per se part of my religion. I think anyone who practices a religion, is because they get something beneficial from it..and as in anything, usually we don’t embrace anything 100%..Like at a buffet; we can go to an Italian buffet , let’s say,but not eat everything there..Maybe we don’t care for basil, so we choose plates that don’t contain it…and not everyone is obligated to eat dessert:)

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    • You have expressed it very well. After all true education is about openess and of course about realising the oneness of all. Your example of the Italian buffet is very apt and it reflects your very evolved thinking. It is such a wonderful perspective and it evokes absolute respect.
      Thank you so much.

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  9. Your post came at a time in my life when I struggled with these meanings. So, I did a search for the words definitions that I could relate to. Religion had 2 meanings that fit my life 1) a particular system of faith and worship & 2)a pursuit or interest to which someone ascribes supreme importance. And for spirituality : the process relating to or affecting the human spirit or soul as opposed to material or physical things. It seems in this world we live in as a spirited flesh, the question I pose is, Can we live one without the other? The practice of religiosity gives our lives order, reminding us that we are more than flesh, and since we are a soul encased in flesh it seems paramount that whatever we take in, material or spiritual, it affects the health, enlightenment and well-being of that soul which should allow others their will to do the same with respect. Therefore, it is needed and ALL good…imho 🙏🏾☺️ Namaste: I see the YOU! 💞

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    • What thought provoking words. I am touched that you have given so much thought to it. I agree that Religion is in many ways essential. I wrote that in my post as well.
      However, with time society tends to decay its true essence. Then there are people who border on atheism. For them spirituality presents a logical choice for self progress.
      I agree with you that both are essential. Thank you so much. I truly respect your words each time you write.

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  10. I see Religion as a crutch or training wheels on a bike. Once we find strength and freedom in Spirituality, Religion isn’t needed. But of course it can still be useful as a comfort during challenging times. ❤️🦋🌀🙏

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  11. Very well written. Words are knitted in beautiful way.
    धर्म तो बस आचरण है,
    ईश को हरदम नमन है ।
    घर नहीं उसका कहीं भी
    हो वो मज्जिद या शिवाला
    जिसने देखा वो पता दे,
    हो वो चर्च या गुरुद्वारा।
    वो बसा उस अन्न में जो
    भूख का बनता निवाला
    ज्योति राय जीवन ज्योति

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  12. Thank you for your comments on my blog, it means so much for me, since i have just started writing and trusting myself to write my thoughts ouutloud (i am still practicing how to write properly), i deeply appreciated your comments, its a good boost for me to expand my skills in writing. ⚡🙏🏻🌊

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