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A very brilliant blogger has asked me to write about healing, especially for those pursuing a spiritual path. About post traumatic healing as well.

Soul Traumas or shocks are fairly common. Most traumas remain hidden in the background and express themselves as fears, phobias or personality traits. Often the cause is violence, accidents or deep emotional thunderbolts either in this life or way in past lives.

Annie(name changed) couldn’t bear children. During deep meditative states, she visited the source of it. A past life almost two hundred years ago, where she had to loose her babies in riots. Spiritual practices and therapy healed her and she went on to experience the divinity of motherhood.

Why do we get traumas? Why do such experiences occur?

Imagine the super-conscious infinite power to be a strong current of air. If we let go, the current lifts us and we flow with it unimpeded. Enjoying the wonders it beholds. However, we don’t always float in the current of divinity. The illusory world of Maya or material manifestation deviates our path at times. Be it wealth, power, knowledge, pride or even relationships.

The spiritual path is finer than the breadth of a hair and thinner than a razor’s edge. The slightest deviation causes us to be in conflict or in opposition to the air current. That causes injuries to us.

But ultimately, these shocks, traumas are learning experiences. they make us mature and help us to realise our own true natures of being one with the infinite.

How to heal?

The scriptures say that ,”Sarab rog ka aukhadh Naam'”.

The omnipotent loving power is the elixir of all ills, hurts. It is that balm which assuages all hurt.

Hence, the simple solution.

To mitigate the effects of such spiritual shocks of this life or past try to go into deep loving meditative practices. A state of deep surrender. The infinite spirit within is all encompassing and healing. The moment we turn our face towards the righteous law, healing begins spontaneously.

Secondly, on a conscious level try self love, the deepest and purest form of love.

  1. The first morning I just let bygones be and by looking in the mirror, I affirm that under no circumstances shall I criticise myself. I accept who I am. Lovingly. Let my mistakes be. This is a huge beginning.
  2. The second step is to stop criticising others. Even those who have been very unkind. We choose a different mental universe. One where I don’t need to speak about them. I even stop criticising the government, the society and so on.
  3. Try to keep a ‘love stone’ or a love myself sticker. I often stick a small one on the back of my mobile phone. Every time I pick it up, I see it and say to myself ,” I love myself. I am wonderful.”

In time, mysterious circumstances will come our way. Gentle healing will take place.

Be aware of your dreams. Please note them down in detail. Also be aware of any other information which may come our way. A great doctor, a renowned alternative medicine specialist. All work under the dominion of the infinite spirit. You will be guided in myriad ways towards perfect healing by your own subconscious.

Watch how life flowers. It shall.

71 thoughts on “SOUL SHOCK AND HEALING

  1. Agreed ! My experiences has made us dishearted but I always make promise to be mature afterwards facing these uncertain circumstances.

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  2. I love the idea of a love sticker or stone to remind us to love ourselves more. I want to ask about the importance of writing down our dreams. Did you mean what occurs at night when we sleep—by “dream”? Or is it our goals and aspirations?

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  3. Past life, dreams, spirituality have always intrigued and fascinated me. There is so much to understand and 😋experience and yet we delve 😋on the mundane and material. Enjoy reading your posts Parneet. Gives me some insights and something to ponder on. 🙏

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  4. Loved the idea of love myself sticker on back of the phone…would definitely try if I get the one after these pandemic..
    Loved to read your post after a huge gap.😊

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    • I do too. Although I am a Sikh by religion. Sikhism teaches us about oneness. Hence Jesus will not discriminate. We do have the holy bible in our prayer room and read from it often. Thank you so much


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