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One of the bloggers dreamt

There are two buildings. Really tall. She’s on the top of one of the buildings. She has to go to the other building. She can’t find the path which will lead her down from the first one . Some people tell her to take the stairs. But they are broken and not safe. Then a colleague tells her that she knows of a secret passage. She opens it and there is a large slide. Some people are going down that slide. The dreamer is scared. Then her husband, who is also a colleague comes to her. He tells her that he knows of the best way. She accompanies him and is happy.

How to interpret dreams?

Does this dream prophesise?

What are the important symbols in the dream?

This dream as usual requires a discussion with the dreamer. It is after all her dream and her symbols.

Here, her subconscious mind is preparing her for a good transition in her work. She works in a tall building, this implies that she works in an organisation which has a stature and infrastructure in the city. She’s on top. Implies that she has reached a high position in her organisation. The dreamer confirmed both the facts as correct.

Now she has to go to another building, as tall. This tells her that in due course she will get an opportunity in another organisation where the work and maybe the management is related to her present work. She’ll need to step down from her present position and organisation because she has to come down(as the dream says).

Importantly, her colleagues and friends may not be in a position to guide her in her transition. They themselves do not know the exact path to this transition as they lead to dead end paths in the dream.

In this dream, her husband is not symbolic. He is her husband who also works in the same organisation in the top management. She must seek his guidance as he alone will be able to help her in this transition.

The dreamer knows in real life that her present contract will end shortly. The subconscious put her mind at ease by telling her that she will get an equally good contract. However, she must seek only her husband’s guidance and not anyone else’s.

Such dreams are also called prophetic as they prophesise the future to an extent.

Happy dreaming.

62 thoughts on “DREAMS: PROPHETIC

  1. An excellent interpretation of the dream, more so when the dreamer confirms its context in real life. What I found of special interest in the dream is that her husband “tells her that he knows of the best way.” This suggests to me that she depends upon her husband to make the decision for her or needs his approval, since she lacks the self-confidence to risk taking the “large slide” on her own. Just my two cents to add to the discussion.

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  2. Great post. It’s wonderful that the dreamer was so tuned into her present concerns and situation and had your assistance in working out the details so she can move forward with trust and confidence.
    In our daily sessions, if we have serial dreams or dreams with strong images or situations, we always bring them into the session to discuss and then confirm the meanings with Source if there is information there in regards to our project to help the planet. Both John and I are lucid dreamers, so we often change and shift stuff or question the dreams, while dreaming.

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    • What you do is so creative and so much in tune with your subconscious mind. Although, I’ve been dreaming and doing interpretation for many people for almost 30 years, yet I’ve had very few lucid dreams.
      I need to do more of that. Thank you so much for reminding me.
      I am always touched by your genuine concern and empathy. About your ability to take out time for others and write such honest words.
      Thank you with deep respect and hello to John a well.

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  3. I like your dream interpretation of the woman’s dream. I attended a six-week dream workshop quite a while ago in Berkeley CA and learned so much. I then tried to teach a dream workshop, but found that people came more for therapy than dream interpretation, and since I’m not a therapist, I stopped teaching that subject. But I must say, a lot of intuitive and spiritual answers came from the class interpretations, and I’m a true believer in dream messages. Thanks for reading my post at Roughwighting. I appreciate your comment.

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  4. Dreams explains or informs us on possible outcomes and sometimes guides us to our waking self, which usually is not straight forward due to the complex nature of our parallelly opposing thoughts.. some dreams are out of the blue coming from influence which is quite inexplicable at times. Beautifully written ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป๐Ÿ™๐Ÿป๐Ÿ™‚

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  5. So interesting and I really reading enjoyed your analysis here. I do find dream interpretation so fascinating. My dreams have been incredibly vivid lately and I can still remember the one I had last night. It involved friends and food in a large house that wasnโ€™t mine. โœจ

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