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Roma had seen it all at thirty. Politics at work, which forced her to quit. Illness which had grounded her and a lot more which life had brought forth. She asked herself

“How to overcome obstacles in life?”

However, boulder after boulder hit her, until she lay despondent. Gave up her ambition to be a top notch lawyer. She settled in a life which gave her security, but all her dreams lay shattered, for life.

I met her in a seminar when she was thirty five.

She told me, “You motivational speakers give brilliant speeches. But these are only temporarily motivating. The next day, our lives remain the same.”

I asked her how much she’d like to change her life and who all she blamed for the end of her world?

Of course, her list of tyrants was long and rightly so. But she really wanted to somehow change the course of her life.

I am sharing in brief the simple spiritual methods I gave her

  1. Stop blaming the tyrants. They will remain the same. Take charge of your life and start afresh.
  2. Learn to touch the subconscious at will. Learn the art of Effortless Surrender and of Nano Moments of Surrender. These are profound and super powerful spiritual tools.
  3. Do not think of obstacles as enemies. In those nano moments, see what they teach.

Your superconscious infinity inside is your best friend. The scriptures say

The power which fashioned the universe, the dimensions, is inside you. Nothing is outside of you. If you learn to awaken that limitless consciousness, you shall forget duality as you will know that you and the Divine are one.”

Then, no obstacle can remain.

She learnt effortless surrender meditation. Each day, her life began to change.

Life does not only alter only in the long term. Even instantly, connecting to the Divinity inside changes the outcome.

That is the Nano Moment of Surrender.

When in a tough situation, just say to yourself with a deep relaxing breath.

“I give this situation to you.”

The outcome changes.

The sum total of such nano moments is huge. It alters the very meandering course of the river of your life.

The three point method is an ancient, simple spiritual tool for overcoming obstacles.

May everyone’s life heal as did Roma’s.


  1. Her comment to you sounds so familiar. I used to take workshops into businesses, corporations, government offices, and the public. And people would except me to wave a magic wand. But what I was teaching was tools THEY could use to change things….sometimes in a brief amount of time like you mention, or others that took introspection and commitment to change. Same with private therapy clients. They’d expect one session to fix them and yes, one session could make a big difference but change takes personal commitment and dedication to a new way of life. Many people don’t want to make the effort. I’m glad she took your suggestions to heart and dedicated herself to making change.

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    • She did and there were others who didn’t. As you rightly said. Even I decided to follow the prescription somewhat later than the first time.
      There is a time when you’re ready.
      I find so much in common with the work that you do. Perhaps that’s why you totally understand all the nuances.
      Once again my deep gratitude for your words. May you keep on showing the light to people.

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      • Thank you! Many people just want a magic wand or to be healed/fixed with one session. I tried so hard to explain to people that yes…that one session/treatment can make a huge difference, so worth the time and money….and…a lifetime and many lifetimes of issues doesn’t get fixed in one session. It was a tightrope to be sure as people wanted to know their money spent was going to get results. But that is because so many people don’t want to do the work. Also, through my years doing the work with John, I’ve experienced personally how the dark has sabotaged so much so that it is hard to get results even with hard work. I spent thousands and thousands of my own money and then much more of my insurance companies money, and most of my life attempting to heal all that was wrong in me and succeed in my life, but the dark made sure that didn’t happen. Most people haven’t been compromised as much as me, as since I have targeted them from their beginning long ago, they’ve consistently attempted to kill me and limit my life in all ways. But I didn’t stop working to change myself and help the world change.

        After the shift, it will be much easier for things to be put right, and miraculous results will be available for those who choose it. And….it will always involve personal choice and dedication to change.

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  2. Yes, sometimes our unbearable burdens come one by one. Sometimes they are all consuming and traumatic. In either case the tools you recommend help us greatly, especially in those nano moments of faith which work to reverse the nano seconds of fear and discouragement. In my tradition there are two scriptures that apply likewise. “The kingdom of God is within you…” and “Come to me, all you who labor and are heavy-laden, and I will give you rest.” This latter helped me immensely a few years ago when I was awaiting a health diagnosis and all through my treatments.

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