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How can I touch my subconscious mind?

How can I experience the superconscious?

One doesn’t necessarily need to practice all types of “Sadhna” or difficult meditative states for years to do that.

Salvation is here, now.

We can classify the states of consciousness in many ways, but a simple method is

  • Waking state
  • Sleep without dreams
  • Sleep with dreams and finally
  • The state of awakening or the fourth state of superconsciousness

The scriptures say that

“…….in the fourth state of consciousness, when the seeker is in deep surrender, does he experience the awakening of the super-consciousness.

During meditation, when conscious effort is given up. When we let go completely, as if not alive anymore, in what we call as stillness, does the inner Divinity awaken.

Yes, it is a state of actually doing nothing. Of just being.


  1. I experience that place as just being in the center. One time, while living in a very difficult relationship, feeling very traumatized, I moved into the center, beyond my tears, beyond my fear and distress. I sat down to eat, could feel the bench underneath me, could feel and taste the food, but I was just watching it all, from within me. I then realized that “enlightenment” isn’t that you have no more emotions, struggles, etc….it is rather just being in the middle, watching it all happen, and flow, and being that soul that is just experiencing.

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