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A young seeker asked me very pertinently

People say that the mind is the root of all desire. Desire, they say is the source of all evil. Why did the creator make the mind and desires? How can a person be desireless to achieve salvation?

Firstly, the mind is the basis of all creation. It contains the power of thought. This thought from the Divine has fashioned realms, dimensions, all that we see, feel (Sarguun) and all that we can’t (Nirguun).

As humans (made in the image and likeness of God), we too possess the mind with access to infinite power, albeit regulated.

This single fact is the basis of all self realisation or salvation.

Now look at the picture of the dandelion. We are all like that. We want to soar, to fly, to grow.

Can that desire be evil?

Desire, by itself is the root of all progress. Indeed, no scientific discovery would be possible without desire. We’d still be living in caves.

Desire is not evil, darkness is.

Here are two people.

Neha is self realised. She understands the infinity within herself. She also knows that what she wants, she can manifest. She is also aware of the law of righteousness. Would she then want something which belongs to another? Would she be jealous of someone else’s success?

Not at all. She would only bless the other and forge her own path of fulfillment. She understands that nature is infinite and she too can have whatever she wants.

Take another case, Sneha. She doesn’t know her own self. She is oblivious that inside her resides that infinite power which creates. She also does not know that unknown to her she is actually the creator of her circumstance. However, she too desires success. She has only heard that the world is cut throat etc.

She is dark inside. The light of her own super conscious hasn’t awakened so far.

In that darkness she takes recourse to jealousy and hurts other people so as to rise.

Was desire the cause of Sneha’s evil? The same desire which allowed Neha to rise and create a better world for others?

Desire wasn’t the cause. Darkness was.

A desire to manifest a perfect life partner can manifest in two ways. The enlightened would ask for the perfect partner, visualise, affirm and would attract him.

The unenlightened may resort to devious means.

It is the mind which has the means to enlightenment. A mind where the superconscious has been touched understands the law of righteousness and the law of oneness.

Go ahead and dream. Desire for growth, fulfillment. Understand that we are all connected. Live the life of your dreams and make a better world for yourself and for others.

To grow is Divine. But, grow keeping your meditations with you. understand the infinity. Follow righteousness. That way you will fulfill the destiny given by the Divine.

That would be just perfect.


  1. Beautifully written. I agree that we are all connected, that desire exists for all of us but it’s how we feel that and our intention that determines whether we’re on the right path.

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  2. Great post. The dark has spread so many lies and much dis-information through religions, governments, etc to control others. This illusion of lack and limitation creates the competitiveness, jealousy, etc leading people to believe that if others have something then they will be without. It keeps people enslaved, and easily controlled. What freedom will arise when the new timeline is in place, where abundance will be the truth, all will see what serves the greater good of self/all/the planet, and all are fully restored to their divine capabilities and connection with Source.

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  3. How well narrated the perspectives of desire!!
    It’s more or less like the act of “selfishness”.. we’ve to be selfish for the well-being of all around us, because being selfish makes him/her happy

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