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In order to answer this really fundamental question, let us look at it from spiritual aspects and unearth the secret.

The future is never constant. If it were, there might be no point in living as robots; which we aren’t. There would also be no point in the Universe, giving us an active mind and tools like visualisation for creating the world we want; if all were pre-determined.

Let us take a real life example of a person Reggie who had come to me years ago(name etc changed to protect privacy).

At every point in our lives we have choices. Every day. A choice of righteousness creates a righteous future for us, while an adverse choice creates just the opposite. Each choice creates a ripple in the time space energy fabric. Instantly changing the future direction of our life.

Reggie was married, but had lately started dealing in fake medicines. Profits were high. He had a choice. To go for a righteous business or to fall for this. There are virtually millions of crossroads in life. Some of less significance, while others of massive shift. He chose the one which would kill many unknown persons every day.

Sins and good of parents do visit their children, for generations.

The Hindu scriptures say that these choices mould the lives of our families for years on.

One day, his daughter had an accident and was serious. Unfortunately the life saving medicine didn’t help her. Probably, it was fake. She tethered.

Reggie’s wife took a pledge from him that he would leave this work at that moment. He did. Within the hour a vendor appeared at the hospital and sold them the same drug from a different company. The girl recovered.

Also seen from the Law Of Attraction, every choice we make, alters our own energy signal or what we call vibration. We start attracting the conditions which resonate with our fundamental thought.

If, in an instant I change my thought, I will begin the process of attracting different circumstance in future. It is that simple.

I have seen enormous changes in myself and in many lives. Then, there are stories of how a dacoit Angulimar (the one who would kill and hang a finger of his victim around his neck) became a saint upon meeting the Buddha. How a dacoit actually wrote the Ramayana.

As my teacher would say

“Change your thoughts and your life will change in the blink of an eye.”


  1. Yes, very true. Our thoughts, decisions and actions determine our reality and our future. But we also have the power to change them at any moment in time. It’s all a matter of choice.

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  2. Yes!! I have been researching about raising vibrations through thoughts and meditation and it truly does make a difference. Taking our thoughts captive is not always easy but wow it is worth it!

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  3. Parneet, you always bring some thoughts provoking posts. All of us should spread positive vibrations for a better life of future generations!!

    I am just stuck with ‘future is never constant’. How….
    Kindly pardon my ignorance.

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    • The future is being created everyday, actually every moment. Our scriptures do speak about the law of Karma. That every action (or thought) has a reaction. in other words, every thought creates a circumstance and maybe a physical form.
      This is a constant thing. it happens all the time.
      If I had done great good in a past life, i would be born beautiful/ handsome. Rich etc.
      At every moment I am writing the script of my eternal life with every thought. It is a story book of whose author is me.
      But what i would do with that beauty and richness would be my choice in this lifetime.
      If I were to further use these gifts to distribute greater empathy and love, I will be writing greater good for myself too.
      But the future changes with every thought. If I have done something due to which I am to become King in this lifetime, please know that it isn’t etched in stone. My karma of this life will determine whether I become king or not. Or if I do, for how long.
      Har pal hum apni zindagi go badal rahe hain aur badal sakte hain.
      Warm regards to a kind person.


    • I am deeply humbled by your words and the green heart. My apologies for replying so late. I was busy giving final touches to my forthcoming book.
      Thanks a lot for your words, once again


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