Unchartered: Looking Within During Unsettling Times

Perspective on Trauma

It’s been a strange time for all of us over the last several months. As we “stay at home” or “shelter in place (no matter our political background or accompanying belief system) we all feel the impact of what is occurring around us. Differing views exist regarding balancing our nations health needs with economic and civil liberty needs. But, it doesn’t appear to matter which place one resides in this debate, when it comes to matters of emotional health. The simple truth is, we are all worried and unsure at varying levels and for the many reasons that accompany our views. When we (anyone of us) live under the stress of our current experiences we are prone to feel strong emotions. Further, it is normative to reach for coping that brings immediate relief. This will be true whether we are more prone to have strong feelings related to our own…

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11 thoughts on “Unchartered: Looking Within During Unsettling Times

  1. Great post, thanks for re-blogging.

    John and I thought we were close to achieving results in our work until the Covid false flag hit. We were really thrown by the success of this dark agenda. We have done a lot of work to shut down as much of the illegal activity as we can but still it persists.

    I can relate a lot to what this woman is talking about as I lead such an isolated life right now and with all the attacks by the dark over these last 6 years of this work, and identifying how they have harmed me and made my life much more challenging throughout my lifetimes, I have to really focus on the light team I have that has kept me alive and kept things from being more serious and damaging than they have been. I’m very aware of being in a PTSD situation. I am so grateful for nature and my walks as it keeps me empowered and focused on my inner strength and connection with Source.

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  2. I enjoyed reading this post too. Coping situation is very important. A lot of people during the lock down period have been suffering with trauma, anxiety & stress. Those who could not cope with it are down in depression

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