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It is true that the path of true meditation as well as inner enlightenment cannot be forced. It comes with grace.

In Sikh scriptures, the word “Gur parsad” is mentioned. One of its interpretations is that inner light awakens as a result of the grace of the superconscious infinity, the omnipotence.

Such spirituality cannot be forced. With sheer effort of day and night it cannot be achieved. Because it isn’t an achievement. It is an awakening.

The question is then, shall we lie in wait for that grace to come?

What is it that a human being can do?

Scriptures say that even though the rousing of the inner power is a result of grace, but that beneficence is not a random happening. One has to be eligible for grace to be attracted.

Scriptures again say that “without the Divine values one cannot be eligible for Bhakti.

This implies that one cannot be treading the wrong path and expect grace from the omnipotence. One must inculcate great values of honesty, empathy, goodness in order for such a enormous event to happen.

One of the great seers whom I met once told me that in the olden days of the tretar or dwapar yugas, people had to spend years developing goodness of character before they became eligible for such grace.

However, in the current age of darkness or the kali yuga, true meditation can be learnt quickly. However, whether a person shall remain on that path or not depends upon the inner and core values.

Those who do not subscribe to such values and strength of character shall be led astray by innumerable charlatans.

Whereas one cannot awaken the infinity inside through force. It is grace.

However, one can make oneself eligible by doing good and inculcating the values enshrined in all divine scriptures.

May all who read be truly awakened.


  1. Yes, so very true. To be awakened we canโ€™t force but instead continue to practice coming from a place of the heart. And that is a journey that is never ending. Thank you for a thought provoking post.

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  2. This is a lovely reminder to me, at least, that in my tradition grace is a free gift, unearned by works. However, it is poured out upon those on the right path, as you say. “Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they will be filled.” Our side of the two-way ‘contract’ is to stay on that path ๐Ÿ™‚

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  3. Love your post, Parneet. Enlightening in its simplicity of thought. From my own lifelong journey of leading a spiritual life, I agree when you say that “spirituality cannot be forced. With sheer effort of day and night it cannot be achieved. Because it isnโ€™t an achievement. It is an awakening.” As you so rightly observe, we have to put in the work of “doing good and inculcating the values enshrined in all divine scriptures.”

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  4. These are beautiful words, and it is, for me, only waiting in the silence that brings this about. I thank you for these words. All the best with your book.

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