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As most of us may have heard, we are living in what is called the Dark Age or the Kali Yuga.

In the traditional Indian scriptures the cycle of the world is compared to the symbolism of the holy Bull. In the Satyuga or the Golden age, the Bull, representing righteousness stands on all four legs. Therefore, the world is devoid of disease or strife. The weather is excellent and each person connects to the inner divinity effortlessly. This is supposed to be the longest period because the Bull is stable on all four legs. No prophets are born during this period as every person has inner realisation. Humans achieve their pristine status as being next only to God and live for as long as they wish.

As time goes by, enters the Treta or Trepar age. Unrighteousness enters the human minds, as do disease and other social afflictions. Here, the mythical Bull stands on three legs. Prophets like Lord Rama and Jesus are said to have come during this time.

This is followed by the Dwapar Yuga or the age where the mythical Bull is now unstable as he stands on only two legs. The Mahabharta war happened during this period and Lord Krishna came in this very age.

The final period is the Dark Age where the mythical bull is extremely unstable as he has only one leg. Evil in every form permeates the society. Disease and war are the hallmarks as is the primacy of money. Srimad-Bhagavatam says that in Kali-yuga the heads of government will be plunderers and thieves. These thieves and plunderers take the money and property of the public by force or connivance. Even the sanctity of relationships is violated during this time.

However, there is a huge quality of deliverance in this age. Scriptures say that many souls pray for birth in this age. So what is so great about such a maligned and debauched period?

Firstly, some profoundly spiritual souls take birth during this time. For example, the Sikh gurus, the Bhakti saints etc are all born in the Kali Yuga. These are spirits which transcend any force of evil. Even in the present time such people exist. Not necessarily as uniformed Godmen, rather as Edgar Cayce explains that such great souls may just be ordinary people whom you might meet in a hotel lobby. Their mere presence can change others. Some who are lucky can meet such persons and be redeemed.

The greatest gift of the Divine i.e ‘Bhakti’ is easily obtained in this period. Bhakti is regarded as true worship. Surrender with inner devotion to the superconsciousness within. In the scriptures it is mentioned that

unless virtues are inculcated in us, the gift of Bhakti cannot be obtained.”

In the Treta and the Dwapar yugas it could take years of penance for anyone to become eligible for this Divine grace of Bhakti.

However, in the dark age, anyone can be given the gift of such devotional surrender and have the omnipotent life force awakened inside. Of course, once such an awakening happens, the person will have to develop character and values. Failing this, the awakening may only be temporary. However, the most important gift of the Kali Yuga is that everyone can be eligible for such a redeeming spiritual practice, because true Bhakti burns the karma and aligns our spirit with the perfect universal.

Another very important gift of the dark age is that one only has to wish for a true teacher who will show the path. One doesn’t need to go looking for her everywhere. Such a teacher may come to you.

Finally, the greatest spiritual development of a soul happens during this dark period. Because the greatest challenges are given now.

Therefore, do not discredit this darkness because for those in search of solace and inner realisation, this may just be the greatest opportunity.

May all experience the true awakening.


  1. Thanks for explaining the four cycles of the world according to the traditional Indian scriptures. We are, without a doubt, living in another Dark Age–the Kali Yuga, as you call it. Based on my own personal life experience, a dark period of our lives do provide us with the opportunity to find our inner strength and to grow spiritually. Will we as a species find our way back to the Light?

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  2. And may all darkness be vanquished forever so all are freed throughout creation. This is what I have worked toward all my incarnations, and this is the work John and I do now, to free all life on this planet, this planet itself and then throughout all creation.

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