Nudist, Shield, Naked, Undress
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Let us go back to the dream world. Many people dream that they are either totally undressed or partly dressed. Let us examine a few variations to understand what the subsconscious mind is trying to tell us.

Dream 1

A blogger dreamt that he was in his room and was undressed. Suddenly, some unknown people enter the room. They don’t look at him, but they are aware of his presence.

During discussions, it turned out that the blogger was doing business and he had been depending upon some people for certain transactions. They knew about some aspects which were very personal. The dream tells the dreamer not to reveal private details because information is likely to leak to other people. Being undressed in this context is like being exposed. Unconnected people entering his bedroom implies that people are likely to know about his personal life, which can be embarrassing for him. The personal life doesn’t have to be ‘shady’. It could be about his property, business details or something else. This is a warning dream, telling him not to reveal things to people.

Dream 2

A friend dreamt that he was undressing in his bedroom, when he suddenly finds himself in a market. People do not really stare at him, but he is very embarrassed.

After discussions, it came to notice that this person was in the habit of discussing details about his relationships and other aspects with friends. The dream warns him not to do that because nothing will be kept a secret and people all around will know about his very personal life. This won’t be good for him.

Dream 3

A blogger dreamt that she was in the bathroom and undressed. Suddenly, a small wasp jumps on her and bites her. She tries to kill the wasp, but it doesn’t die. She presses it hard, but it again wakes up. It can’t harm her extensively, but it does give her bites.

This dream is very easy to interpret. The blogger is allergic to something in her bathroom. Being naked tells the blogger that it is something to do with having a bath. As opposed to just washing hands etc. She told me that off and on she did get some rashes, but was unaware how they would come. Finally, after the dream interpretation, she removed the new body wash which she had bought. Soon the rashes disappeared.

Do write down your dreams and try to understand their symbols.

May your subconscious always guide you.


  1. Interesting interpretations. I have a habit of over-sharing. In some ways I am working to do less of that, but in others, I am all for transparency, so making peace with people knowing about me and my life. My parents were very much into worrying about what the neighbors would think and the secrecy was very much against my nature and restrictive. They held a lot inside as well. Living with guarded emotionally unavailable people I’m sure led to my nature of being more exposing.

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  2. Interesting! It seems dreams are both individual and universal…archetypal, etc. The meaning of certain dreams can sometimes take years to unfold, and even then we’re never certain. They seem to be wrapped in symbolism and shrouded in the clouds of the subconscious, incomplete thoughts and images. So many types of dreams, depending on the depth of sleep. I wish you much success in preparing and publishing your book!

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    • Thank you so much. You’re absolutely right. Some dreams unfold in their meaning after years.
      However many of them do guide us in the short term as well.
      I’m so glad that you understand all this so profoundly. It is always a pleasure to interact with you.

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    • Perhaps you might need to interpret them so that the message which your subconscious is trying to give may be better understood.
      However, it is a choice. If you feel, I can help.
      Thanks a lot for your words and for reading.


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