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What is a trance state?

Is trance deeply spiritual?

Or is it only hypnotism?

Let us examine this from the point of view the knowledge of Magic.

(‘Magic, White and Black‘ by Franz Hartmann, 1890 is one treatise on the subject, as are some others.)

Practitioners of dark or black magic often seek to take possession of the consciousness of an unsuspecting person. Powerful hypnotism, dark spirit possessions etc are some methods they use. This state is often referred to as ‘Trance’ where the person is no longer using her own conscious will. It is subjected to that of another. Even ‘Mediums’, people who channel the words and thoughts of spirits can often go into such a state. Franz writes:

Experience shows, that there is not a day in the year that some hypnotizer …..commits a crime through another person; and while the real culprit goes scot free, the weak minded instrument is punished.”

Placing people in such states is much more common than one would think. One of the masters on the subject cautions that many marriages are a result of such trance hypnotisation.

People who go into trance lead double lives. One of their own conscious will and another of a dark spirit or a dark magician. Not a great place to be.

Even in the scriptures, such states are not encouraged as they remove a person away from her conscious reason.

Divinity is all about consciously pursuing a journey inside. Not as a puppet, rather as a co creator with the superconsciousness.

When in ‘Trance’ the person may even give some predictions. May even provide clues about missing people or things. He will appear to be in frenzy and may even refer to himself in the third person. Such ‘miracles’ and predictions may be true to an extent. But these are the blind alleys on the spiritual path. Beware.

None of the prophets are known to have gone into trance states publicly.

Hartmann writes

Man exists as an individual only as long as he is in possession of divine reason, and this reason is not an attribute of the human form, but a function of the divine Spirit which illuminates it.’

Therefore, be careful of such states. In meditation you shall not be taken into a trance. If someone does, be warned.

As deep as true meditation may be in surrender, you shall always be in-charge.

We do not surrender to a person or to a grand power outside. Rather to the omnipotence, the infinity within us. For this is where our real self, our true love resides.

May all who read experience the true awakening.

13 thoughts on “TRANCE AND DOUBLE LIFE

  1. A great read. Fascinating.

    When studying this I came across a lot of information.. One thing that struck me was that all of us has spiritual attachments and we don’t realise it.. We don’t necessarily have to go into a trance state, human life trauma can make a person become dissociated from too much pain. In a trance state that the dissociation induces, a spirit can then attach and feed off the person’s fears and enter their aura unknowingly..


  2. One of the 16 therapies I was trained in was Hypnosis. People would often ask about hypnosis, wondering if they could be forced into something. I purposely volunteered to be a subject for a stage hypnotist so I could experience it and found that I followed the hypnotist’s directions yet was fully aware of my surroundings and that I was just under hypnosis. I had experienced the same during my hypnosis training, with my conscious mind rattling away wondering how my body could be stiff as a board while it was happening. I also knew that at any moment I could break out of that. So I’d remind clients of this, assuring them I would not be going against their will. I even created my own form of past life regression to better assist people in re-programming their lives. And it is also true that we go into trance on our own….driving yet aware that we got somewhere yet weren’t fully aware of each moment getting there. Commercials put people into trance as does TV in general, and they are very manipulative, like your article states.

    The mind control you write of here, or your source speaks of, is very dark indeed. In our work we have run into this often, finding dark AI and tech and magic, and dark agents who have used others to commit murders and other atrocities. The young man convicted of murdering people in the Colorado theater, was found sitting in a car behind the theater, in a trance. A true killer would have fled.

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