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What is the greatest secret in the world?

Will it show me the path to perfect abundance?

Is there such a key to wealth?

The greatest secret in the world isn’t hidden in a place far away. It is right here. Yet there is a viel of ‘maya’ or worldly illusion on it.

In the “Istopdesa”(pronounced ishtopdesh) by the Digambara Ascetic Acharya Pujyapada, this secret is revealed in many verses. In fact writings of every divine scripture of religions of the world reveal this secret, albeit under the cover of allegory.

In one of the verses it says

When through meditation of the soul a man can attain supreme status, how far can heavens be from him?’

Here ‘Heavens’ refers to a state of supreme abundance, health, bliss and perfection. It is not about a place where we might go after death. Rather to a mind realm of self realisation.

The soul (or jiva) is our consciousness or chetana. In its unsullied form it is perfect and one with the Supreme Super-consciousness. It is devoid of pain, anguish and is in bliss. Transcending senses, it is in command of every material object; all matter in every domain.

However, on our plane, Karmas create delusions and attachments. Our souls gets sullied and we begin to believe in the reality of our own passing world. In the so called truth of disease, lack and what not.

On a conscious level we should begin to affirm that we are that Omniscience and that there is infinite health, wealth, success and love for us.

Then, on a sub conscious level the destructive beliefs (ghatiya karma) begin to crack. A conscious disbelief in imperfections is breath of fresh air to our soul.

Very soon abundance starts its journey towards us and we begin our trek towards our own true nature. That of Omniscience, the infinite all embracing self. What we truly are.

This, then is the greatest secret.

Try out the simple method which I have given. Many treasures await us.

May the Omniscience in you awaken.

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