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Many of our scriptures refer to the tenth door and to the mysticism attached to it.

Ancient Hatha Yoga refers to this ‘door’ as the brahmrandhra, moksadvara or mahapatha. While the Guru Granth Sahib refers to it as the ‘Dasam Dwar‘.

So what is the essence of this ‘door’? How can we open it? Are there any precautions to be taken?

The human body has nine physical openings i.e eyes, ears, nostrils, mouth, anus, and urethra. These are essential for the body to live and thrive.

The Tenth door is an ethereal opening on top of the head. It isn’t material or tangible. Rather a doorway for energy flow.

The scriptures say that ‘this door is normally closed’.

In other words, through this opening, infinite energies of the Universe, benevolent as well as malevolent can access us or even enter us. It is our spiritual gate of protection.

The scriptures also say that ‘when a person, through mind willed practices opens this door, great dangers come to him. Hence, this door be opened by the one and only Supreme Super-consciousness and none else.”

Let me elucidate.

The world outside our body has infinite malevolent energies and beings. Ghosts, poltergeists, black tantra ‘gurus’, black magic practitioners, unredeemed spirits and so on. Our Aura is our first layer of protection against all of these. Our tenth door is also a very strong protection. It securely prevents any other energy from accessing or using us. Hence, this ‘opening’ remains closed during normal life.

An unsecured opening of this gate occurs when we try out practices like medium-ship, unchartered healing, forced healing, dark magic or yogic techniques which force this door open. At such times we render ourselves vulnerable to everything. Imagine if we left the main gate of our castle open. Friends and foes could enter at will. People can get spirit possession and much worse stuff.

Should we then leave the tenth door closed always?

Not really. Because for any spiritual progress and for self realisation, this door must be opened. It is only then that the sub conscious connects to the Universal Super-consciousness in totality.

It is thus imperative that the door must open, but with perfect protection. Since this experience is something beyond conscious control or command, the only way is to surrender to the superconsciousness within and allow it to control it. When the Supreme oneness is handed over control, nothing untoward can really happen. On the other hand great miracles happen in life.

The Prophets of all religions had this door open and thus experienced the fourth state of consciousness. People would heal by just speaking to them, by coming in contact with them, by following them.

Those who practice meditations in total surrender do have thus experience as well as protection.

Complete surrender is the key to this magical door.

May all who read be blessed.

53 thoughts on “THE TENTH DOOR

  1. During medial training, we were taught how to shelter ourselves from those negative and harmful energies. Like in this physical life, you don’t need to avoid any risks because it prevents your development and keeps you from the life you are meant to live. But you need to be aware of the kind of risk and prepare yourself. It is like immigrating to a foreign country. You may not know how your life will be there, but you should be prepared like knowing about the traditions, learning the language, … Life is is always risky. It is also risky not to risk anything because you miss out on what it has to give.

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  2. Ah, this β€œperfect protection” of which you speak, that is what I call, being enveloped by Omniscience. I have spoken with some about it and they don’t understand. I will write more about that. It seems to me to be a high level of faith, trust, knowing. That Everything Resolves to Gratitude. (It will ALL work out in the end). β€οΈπŸ¦‹πŸŒ€πŸ™β˜―οΈ

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  3. Parneet, I appreciate that you reveal the existence of darkness and the need for protection. It increases my own awareness to not be naive in my life. Yet, there is no fear in what you write, because you describe (with love) how the oneness within us connects us to our true power and protection. So, thank you! πŸ™‚

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  4. It’s interesting to read about these things based on the spirituality and spiritual texts and religions you are trained in and have explored. it is so different than my experience. During my years of doing the daily work to shut down the dark powers that control this planet, the daily or more than once a day attacks I’ve experienced hit my tailbone portal first. And through that entrance the assassins or other attacking instruments reach out to other parts of my body. I can experience these attacks in my head, neck, back or organs, but the tailbone is always affected.

    I agree that a person needs to be protected and have some kind of understanding that helps them ascertain whether the connection or experience they are having is truly via a connection with Source or instead of some dark force.

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    • You are a brave and kind person. Your words have meaning. Yet I often feel bad that you have to go through such trouble. May the Divine take away all these and grant you health and peace.
      Thank you for always writing ✍

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  5. So basically Tenth door is our weakness and strong point both. If we are going in the right direction then Tenth door will take us to self-realization otherwise that person is a danger to mankind. Didn’t know about Tenth door in the human body. Thank you very much for this post Parneet πŸ™πŸΌ

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    • I am deeply grateful for your reblog. Made my day.
      I would love to reblog one of your posts as well. Do let me know about a post which would resonate with the basic theme of my blog i.e self realisation. I’d love to reblog and collab.


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