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Does our subconscious mind warn us of impending events?

Does it tell us about a course of action which we should adopt?

The answer to both the questions is a Yes. Of course, we should be in tune with our inner world and be adept at understanding its language. Dreams often warn us about some issues in our lives.

A blogger’s nightmare about monetary loss

One of the blogger’s dreamt that his spiritual teacher meets him in a closed room. The dreamer is carrying a hundred dollar bill. The teacher tears the bill into parts and throws it down. Then he looks at the dreamer and says with lament, “Please learn”. When the dreamer wakes up, he feels scared.

This nightmare has to be interpreted as per the circumstances of the dreamer. For someone else, the same dream may have a completely different meaning. Because many of the symbols are personal as is the environment.

In this case, the dreamer had been left with an inheritance by one of his aunts. However, the documents, the locker keys etc were all with his sisters and their husbands. Our blogger had been procrastinating. He wouldn’t go to collect the documentation, nor go to the lawyer to obtain his inheritance. As he kept on delaying out of laziness, his subconscious warned him.

If he continued to procrastinate,he would lose his inheritance. Here his spiritual teacher (who had died) symbolises God. Tearing the money symbolises monetary loss. The words ‘Please learn’ clearly tell him to learn his lesson and get rid of his indolence. A warning that he would lose the great wealth which was meant for him.

However, the dreamer did not learn and over time, the sisters and their husbands forged various documents, his signatures etc and sold away all the properties. He lost all his inheritance.

A blogger’s scary dream about a path of life

One of the bloggers sent me her scary dream.

She is driving her car. The road is good. However, all of sudden, huge boulders start to come at her from the opposite side. She swerves her car. She is safe. Then more boulders and more. They just keep on coming. Then she come across a fork in the road. The path she is on is bigger, but has boulders coming at her. The other path which she does not want to take is small but clear. She wakes up, very scared.

The blogger had been having lots of troubles in her job. People would create false cases against her, implicate her in things which she had nothing to do with. Hardly had one crises subsided, would another erupt. She had lost ten kilos and had been extremely stressed.

This dream clearly shows her what is going on in her life. The boulders are all the troubles coming her way. The road is her journey of life. The car represents how she is traversing that journey. The big road shows the importance of her work. However, the subconscious clearly indicates to her that at least for the present, her troubles won’t end. She will keep on getting boulders. Then the fork in the road. It shows that she will get a choice of another path. Maybe another job or a different role in her own job. That may not seem as grand as her present role, but it will be clear and she won’t encounter any boulders. She must make a choice.

In real life, as I interpreted this dream for her, she confessed that she had been offered a different role in another city. She wasn’t sure about what she should do. However, she decided to go with the advice of her dream and went ahead to take the other role. Instantly, her troubles ended. She was peaceful and soon she started to enjoy her new job. She is much happier now and has even received a promotion.

Happy dreaming to all.


  1. All so very fascinating. I do believe that dreams, especially recurring dreams, are designed to send us messages. I keep on dreaming about toilets, needing to go, not being able to find one, locked toilets, dirty toilets. It’s very strange and has me not so much worried but perplexed.

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    • Firstly, my gratitude for your comments. I truly respect you for taking time to write. A friend I will always hold in high esteem.
      Now for the dreams
      Locked and dirty toilets generally point to a need for cleansing. Mostly such dreams refer to the body. Some foods may not be going too well and that is causing some toxins. some people may be somewhat constipated. Or sometimes we may have eaten out etc
      Certain times, such dreams may refer to a need for spiritual cleansing. However, mostly, such dreams are about a need to cleanse the body.
      Happy dreaming😊😊

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  2. I have always been intrigued by dream interpretation. And it is like reading cards. The same cards picked by two different people can have a complete meaning. A dream occurs as well from the person who dreams as does their world view. So, the self of that person created that dream which makes it perfectly fit.
    Thank you for this interesting post, Parneet!

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    • I absolutely agree. The same dream can have very different meaning for two people. However, they do carry important messages sometimes and it helps to learn the dream language.
      I am also forced to think about the wisdom which you display on such a variety of topics. You must be a storehouse of knowledge.
      How amazing. Thank you for writing

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      • Oh, wow! I don’t think so at all. But I am just an admirer of the universal laws and cannot get enough to understand how it works. But… the more I consider knowing, the more fields open up to be explored. Thank you very much for your kind words, Parneet!

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  3. I am having regular dreams of a person in my past, it has almost been every night for the last 2 weeks. It is as if she is approaching me to tell me something, but the dream always ends or i wake up before it gets to the point. By my choice I don’t have contact with the person. But it seems too random that this person appears in my dreams so often. She is not in my daily conscious thoughts, and I am sure have dealt with whatever I had to to remove her from my subconscious. I prayed about it, but no revelation to date.

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    • Thank you for writing David.
      The dream has to be interpreted firstly by recounting it in totality. How does this person meet you? Where? Anything special?
      Also what does this person signify to you? If it the dream isn’t about this person what does she/he symbolise to you? Because the dream may not be about this person, rather about what she/he symbolises to you.
      Then we can attempt to interpret.
      Thanks for writing

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  4. It’s unfortunate that the man didn’t heed the warning of his dream. I’m glad the woman took that leap and chose a different path.

    John and I always bring our dreams to our sessions if they are related to the project and we know there is guidance within them. I look at my more personal dreams as they show me about issues I’ve made progress on and those still needing work. I have lucid dreams, too and that has been helpful.

    How wonderful these people have you to help them 🙂

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    • You don’t know how much respect you evoke. Your conduct and your inner goodness are exemplary.
      Lucid dreams are a very powerful way to seed the subconscious.
      May the Divine bless you always.
      Thank you so much

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    • We are ever grateful for your prayers. We are sure that a lot of grace keeps coming our way due to your prayers. Our deep gratitude to you dear Mary. This is the greatest gift anyone can give.
      We too have been thinking about you often. Sonu(my wife) does pray for you sometimes.
      Actually in most of your posts, comments don’t appear. So I just place a like and can’t really write anything.
      We both hope that the great work you’re doing is well rewarded.
      Whenever I pass by the grand convent in our city, I do think of you and make a small prayer. I’m not so close to Mother Mary or to Jesus, but I’m sure somewhere they might be listening 🤔
      Many blessings😊😊

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      • I haven’t said anything before but my name is actually Jade! I hope to be Sister Jade Mary of the Sorrowful Heart! I can’t take credit for Mary being my name because it’s all Our Lady’s name, I just call my blog “Mary’s Secretary”. I’m just the poor little secretary 😉

        I really appreciate all your kind words, my prayers don’t amount to much I assure you but I nevertheless entrust you both to the Sacred Hearts! I promise They hear you!

        I removed the comments section actually because once I God willing gain bishop approval to be a Carmelite Hermitess I can’t be spending too much time on the blog with answering comments etc because the desert call is one of not so much conversing with the world but praying for it, if that makes sense? 😊

        Either way your blog is a blessing to me!

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      • Oh my goodness, that statement made my whole life! I always joke because I’m the absolute worse, but I just love Her so much 😅.

        I’m SO blessed for you! There’s a reason why your blog has so many followers! You’re meant to touch so many people ☺️

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  5. Agree with this blog in all ways, Dreams are full of symbols, to allow your subconscious mind to work through the process of analyzing all the information that your conscious mind neglects to deal with while you’re awake. Often, guardian angels use those symbols to send people messages through dreams.

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  6. Oh wow interesting… I never knew that nightmares were a warning from our subconscious mind. I wonder if when you dream about someone in your dream if it means that the person you dreamt about misses you? Thank you for the lovely comment you left on my post as well 😊

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  7. Parneet, your posts related to dreams and your interpretations about them are always very interesting. I always dream that I am trying to reach somewhere but always getting lost.. In real life also I am very bad with directions and geography is never my forte.

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    • Hi Deeksha. Are there specific places you want to go to?
      How do you feel when you just wake up from the dream?
      Generally, these dreams, if they are repeated, refer not so much to geography but to your journey of life. You want to achieve something, for yourself or children or family i.e some goal. You’re getting lost in the way.
      Just think on these lines and ask for another dream.
      Lost could mean getting bogged down in your life challenges.
      If you explore these ideas, you’ll probably understand the meaning of your sub conscious message 😊😊
      I got such dreams when I was writing my book. I understood and decided to be a better time manager.
      For you the message may not be similar but tells you to think about the issue.
      Hope it helps😊

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      • I feel scared after getting up. But now I always start Gayatri Mantra. It has helped me to go back to sleep.
        Specifically not any particular place. But I wanted to finish my PH.D which couldn’t happen due to some personal reasons. I started baking entrepreneurship, but again because of unavoidable reasons it didn’t work out as I had expected. Then My daughter got Ulcerative Collitis which is permanent for her whole life. Probably these issues are wandering subconsciously.
        As you suggested, I should start thinking about another dream along with Gayatri Mantra.
        Many many thanks for giving so much of your precious time. We are human beings not Rishi to control our mind and heart strongly. But sharing and listening both work as a wonderful medicine and am very much grateful of you for this today🙏🏼 🙂😊

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      • It is sad to know about your loveky child. However this condition can be treated by some ayrveds. Dr Vasu from Pune is one who had really cured my wife of a different but incurable condition. He does come to Bengaluru. If you ever want to, then I can share his number with you and you can speak with my reference. He’s a Nadi ved. Good person.
        Your dreams are reflecting your unfinished work. Somewhere in the subconscious it might be troubling you.
        I might suggest that you decide that you’re not going to do one of things. Like I decided that for one year I will not write the book because my children needed me. I was very clear. The dreams stopped because my inner conflict stopped.
        If at some stage you do want to pursue some goal, please make a realistic plan and go for it. The dreams will stop as they are telling you about an inner conflict which isn’t good for you.
        Lastly, if you do believe in the Gayatri Mantra I can give you a soecial formula for this. It will really help you and family a great deal.
        Warm regards

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      • Parneet , you solved my search for a good Ayurveda vaid. Please share his number. As soon as corona will subside I will contact him.
        You are right, inner conflict is troubling me. Will sure try to work on it.
        I very much believe in Gayatri Mantra🙏
        Heartfelt thanks Parneet ☺


      • Dr K vasu +919422013174
        Mr Hemant Tomar
        In case dr vasu doesn’t reply you may please call Hemant. He’s in Delhi, but takes care of dr vasu’s work.
        You’ll need to give them my reference
        My full name is parneet sachdev
        I work as Director General Income Tax

        I’ll also speak to them.
        Warm regards

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  8. Indeed, dreams are very symbolic and can serve as messages or warnings of what’s about to come. To be wary. Dreams are there for us when we sleep, it’s like being awake while sleeping, forewarning us.

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  9. Some people dream every night, while others say if they do, they can’t remember them. I am one of the former. Sometimes my dreams are in color, which is always exciting. I think it is very important to pay attention. Dreams, like wishes, can come true. 🌟✨💫

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  10. Wow! This post really hit home with me. In 2011, the night before my wedding to my late husband, I dreamt that My Dad (who had been deceased since 2005) was holding me and I was crying in his arms. When I woke up the next morning, I remembered the dream very vividly but didn’t know what I was sobbing so hard about. All I knew was that, in the dream, I was sobbing like a five-year-old and my deceased father was holding me in his arms.

    My late husband and I got married later that afternoon and I remember telling him and my mother about the dream after the wedding amd they didn’t know what to made of it.

    Less than two weeks later, my new husband DIED tragically and it was the worst thing I’d ever been through.

    I’ll always believe in my heart that the dream I had just before the wedding was a warning! It had to be because of the timing and semblance of it.

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