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There is a lot of folklore and myth when we see someone die in our dreams. The truth is that dreams of death may not necessarily be bad. It all depends upon the context and the symbolism. Plus a lot on the meaning that the dreamer attaches to the symbols.


One young boy dreamt that he saw wood which was to be used to cremate someone. He goes close and finds that it is his Grandfather who is dead and lying on the wood. People are crying. The dreamer is there and yet he isn’t there in the scene.

This dream is a prophecy. The dreamer was overseas at the moment. He sees wood to be used for cremation, the body and the entire scene. He was being told by his subconscious mind that his Grandfather whom he loved very much may die soon. He may not be present at the time of death.

After the dream was interpreted, the dreamer made it a point to visit his ailing Grandfather on his next visit to the country. Sure enough when the octogenarian died, the boy was somehow unable to leave his country to come home. The message from the subconscious was very clear–try to meet him as soon as you can, you may not be able to make it to his cremation.


A blogger dreamt that there are two sisters in a room. One of them consumes poison. The sisters are in their twenties. The other sister calls for help.The one who was dying looked towards the door, hoping that someone would come and help. The dreamer was the girl who was dying and also was not that girl. She did experience all the feelings in the dream, but she wasn’t scared or sad. She was just normal.

This dream is very symbolic and cannot be interpreted without speaking to the dreamer. The two girls represent the two aspects of her spiritual life.They are sisters. Young, which implies a youthful desire for something. The symbol of girls implies that both pertain to her inner self, which as per her seeks spiritual awakening. She had always had a liking for the spirituality which would evolve out of visiting holy places, temples and perhaps meeting holy men over there. Yet, in her life she met people who led her to discover the infinity within. The omniscience which does not require such visits and practices. The sister who is dying is that aspect which she had sought so long. It shows that the desire in her to go to such places and maybe to such ‘Gurus’ is slowly fading away– dying. She will find the infinite within her i.e the living sister.

This is why she didn’t feel sad or bad in the dream. It is very symbolic.

Happy dreaming.


  1. Read the blog twice, contemplated and found it absolutely right. Thanks a lot. Sir, i must say , my words cannot match the excellence of your wisdom. You not only cleared my mind but also gave a new direction to it. 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏.

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  2. Thank you for the wonderful insights you offer here, Parneet. Dreams can often be disturbing when you don’t know how to interpret the symbolism. Where do you ask people to submit their dream descriptions to you? Is there an email address or another web site to go to? Because your focus here is dreams of someone dying I will share a slight variation and welcome your interpretation if the subject moves you. On those occasions that I have lost someone (human & pet species) very close to me I have often experienced their presence in my dreams the day after they have passed. A final farewell, perhaps?

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  3. Hallo Parneet, ich freue mich, dass ich Deine Beiträge gefunden habe.
    Träume sind größtenteils Offenbarungen des eigenen Unterbewusstseins und dienen der Entlastung.
    Meine Großmutter hatte das ‘Zweite Gesicht’. Sie bekam Todesbotschaften und hatte Ahnungen. Vielleicht habe ich das von ihr geerbt. Ich habe schon oft von Menschen geträumt, die sich kurz vor ihrem Tod von mir verabschiedeten. Dazu musste jedoch eine gewisse Verbindung vorhanden sein. Diese Art von Träume kommen meiner Meinung nach von einer anderen Sphäre, ich will sie ‘Überseele’ nennen. Sechs Wochen vor dem Tod meines Sohnes, meines Lieblingsmenschen, habe ich davon geträumt, dass er abberufen wurde. Er kam nicht wieder. Es war kein Traum vom Sterben, aber meine Seele wusste, dass es sein Tod war. Ich habe laut im Schlaf geschrien. Da war vorher nur ein weißer Raum, in dem wir zusammen gelacht haben. Es gab keine Möbel darin, nur ein bedrückendes Weiß…die östliche Farbe von Trauer. Dann ging sein Handy und er musste den Raum verlassen. Das war sein Tod im Oktober 2019 mit 37 Jahren.

    Ich werde Deine Seite abonnieren.
    Herzliche Grüße von Gisela

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    • Dear Gisela
      It is very sad to know about your Son’s demise. I have already prayed for him and will do so again.
      In our dream interpretation study refers to these dreams as ‘Prophetic ‘ as they prophesise an event.
      You are doing great work and I truly respect you for that. I too have followed your blog.
      Warm regards

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  4. I always look up my dreams. I believe that you can learn a lot from them.

    A good number of my dreams involve escaping or fighting zombies though. Lol, not sure what that means exactly.

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    • If you write the full dream, I’ll be happy to help in interpreting. Generally speaking these could refer to people around you, workplace, life etc. Also to some spiritual issues. Situations.
      However, a complete dream helps to obtain the precise message from our subconscious 😊😊😊
      Thank you so much for your words


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