8,400,000 LIVES

Beyond, Death, Life After Death
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This article is an extract from the book “Vibrant Celestial Meditation’ by Late Mr. Kirpal Singh Gill, a great spiritual luminary and the founder of the once flourishing World Spiritual Foundation. His work on spirituality is a treatise on the subject.

It may be of interest to know that in accordance with Sikh and Hindu Scriptures, an entity has to pass through 8,400,000 lives (Chaurassi Lakh Joon) in the mineral, vegetable and animal kingdoms, before it is given the great good fortune of coming into the human kingdom.

It is only with the embodiment of successive lives in the human form, termed as reincarnation, that one can expect to rise, and finally transcend even the human barrier, to achieve the final goal of man, which is ultimate merger with God.

It is also enjoined in the Eastern Scriptures, that if one does not avail oneself of the precious opportunity bestowed on us while in the human kingdom, to diligently develop our Spiritual nature, but in its place devote our entire attention towards the Physical, Mental and Materialistic values of life, that we may regress back once again, to the thralls of the animal and other lower kingdoms of life aforementioned!

We surely do not want to be thrown back into the maze of elementary and rudimentary non-human lives!

So what do we do to avoid such a catastrophe?

Simply adopt a methodology of worship and meditation which will strengthen our Spiritual being, in line with commensurate development or our much needed Physical and Mental natures.

There can be no better technique of worship than that what has repeatedly been reported in the World’s Scriptures.

(In the next posts further extracts from his book, including the technique of deep surrender will be provided )

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