Simerjeet: One of the top 3 Motivational Speakers of India

(This post features Simerjeet Singh, a brilliant speaker and winner of “Global Excellence Award.”)

COVID 19 was the Mother of all disruptions,” says Simerjeet, in his visible Zen demeanour (he’s also a practicing Zen meditator).

People lost jobs, loved ones, health and hope. Billions, entrapped in distress and seclusion wondered how to break these shackles.

And then there was Simerjeet (Simer for short). His livelihood was his travel to corners of the world where he conducted Leadership and Motivational workshops, partnering over 300 organisations. When businesses and travel closed shop, so did his occupation. Yet every morning he would be dressed, as if going to work, donning even his favourite perfume at home in Jalandhar, India. To record and air amazingly motivating, soul piercing videos. All for free.

His only thought, “In these times, millions need hope and faith. I will not fail in service when it is needed most by the Universe.”

Be it about overcoming fear or entrepreneurial ideas or help videos for teachers regarding online work, Simer invigorated every heart.

It isn’t surprising that his words, articulated in his deep, truthful expression may have saved many people from throes of depression or even suicide.

Helping millions during COVID

Inner awakening is a partnership.”   


He, as an enabling partner has stirred 1,200,000 souls of his YouTube subscribers with 50 million views, thanks to his deeply inspiring words.

Years ago, one of my spiritual teachers had told me that ,”Spirituality is about conduct. The practice of values in real life.” When I met Simer, that is what I saw.

Don’t fall in love with past success. Be ready to reinvent yourself


In 2001 Simer, a young man had to quit his lucrative job with Marriot, USA. His dying Father needed him. To this youngster, the impermanence of life hit deeply. He had no Guru or guide. Just his own inner self and that subconscience told him to be in service of people.

Then came 2007. A well paying career in hospitality in Surrey, UK had brought him lots of success. The reason. Both he and his wife saw it as an opportunity to help the society. They would go about assisting clients, new recruits and the local community unabashedly. Bring joy and delight in their lives.

“Service is multi-dimensional. Every person needs care, joy and hope in myriad ways”


The decision to quit this career and to move back to Jalandhar in India wasn’t rational as his worst critics, some relatives, jeeringly reminded him. Perhaps he had failed in Surrey, they rumoured.

Yet, decisions of those inspired by the soul transcend such logic.

In the last 13 years Simer has been confidence and courage to many. Be it young schoolers groping to balance their emotional traits, to fresh graduates seeking work or even to seniors who relook for meaning and purpose. His messages of hope touch them all. So profoundly, that millions start their day with his ‘little discourses’ as they gleefully call them.

Many lives have altered and many have prospered.

His paramount thought has only been of service to the Universe. To that troubled multitude. The Universe has responded with health, wealth, success and joy; so abundantly.

That is spirituality of a hero in real life.

Simer says, You want to get rich, successful. Help people. Help nature. Service is the master key which opens the Universal doors of abundance.”

May all who read be abundant.

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  1. Oh my goodness, Thank you friend for sharing. 💛 I needed these words and to hear that poem that I have recited many times.
    “Rest if you must but don’t you quit.” I have followed him on utube now🙂👍🏽 This post deeply moved me today.

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