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One of the bloggers dreamt

“I am on top of a building. Down in the street, it is busy. A huge giraffe is walking. A snake comes. It is much smaller than the giraffe. Yet the snake somehow catches the giraffe’s neck and bites it. The giraffe dies. Then the snake cuts the giraffe with a knife. To eat it for food. I watch from top of the building and I think that it may not be very difficult to kill the snake after all.”

In the beginning the dream may not appear to make sense. However, in the context of the dreamer, it does. The dreamer has been a good person all along. Malevolent people (the snakes) have troubled him often. The dream shows that there is no cause for fear. The snake, evil as he may be, has faith in his evil. He finds a vulnerability in the huge giraffe. His long neck. The snake catches the huge giraffe from the neck and finishes him. In the same way, the dreamer also needs to be fearless and can kill the snakes in his life. To have faith in his goodness. Also, the entire episode happens in a busy street. It implies that people do not generally come to help. As they did not help the giraffe, nor will they help the snake.

After this dream, the dreamer was able to neutralise one of the ‘snakes’ of his life with this knowledge.

A dream of another blogger

“I am in an office room and a friend of mine, who is a top man in the government is sitting on the main seat. Then my junior comes in. He appears to be very kind to me but loudly says something to my friend which might create friction between me and my friend. I think for a moment and in that moment the junior is gone. I call him back and tell him that he is has said untrue things. I hesitate, but say all this right in the presence of my friend.”

The dream once again has to be interpreted in the context of the dreamer. The person dreaming is a man of grace and dignity. He does not believe in creating undue scenes in office. However, this dream tells him that he must be careful about his juniors, especially those who profess loyalty and affection for him. They may try to harm him, very subtly. He must not be afraid to create a small scene, as such people must be snubbed at that very moment, lest they create misunderstandings.

The subconscious does help us in our daily lives. Warning us in advance and telling us right from wrong. Also assuring us to have faith and fearlessness.

Happy dreaming. May all be guided from within.


  1. Dreams tell us so much. In real life when I was working in jewelry retail, we were told the β€œgiraffe” personality was someone who gathered information in order to process it before making a decision. I have that personality, so I am a thinker in practically everything I do. Interesting. Thanks for sharing. πŸ™πŸ»πŸƒ

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  2. This is a wonderful piece, it shows you have Incorporated the new paradym of dreaming in your God source self & understand the way changes in our metaphysical tools work ..so current & up to date in dream analysis…thank you God bless in love & light…😊…GG

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  3. Is all of our dreams have meaning. I don’t remember any of my dreams now. But I feel sometimes what we fear to face will come as dreams. After my brother passed away only he came in my dreams same my mother after she passed away only I got her in my dreams when they were alive I don’t remember even a single time they came in dream.

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    • Not all dreams have meaning. But many have. sometimes our fears also come in dreams as you’ve rightly suggested. However, dreams are a very deep language of the subconscious. Once we start to learn how to interpret them, they help in myriad ways. Blessings always

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  4. Very interesting. Dreams interpretation is really a tough task. Nobody knows if a particular dream reflects one’s own conflicts and wishes or if it’s a spiritually connected one. It may go either way. πŸ™‚

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    • you’re right. That is why it is very important to analyse every symbol. With experience, one can be fairly accurate in most dreams. The problem comes when people are not able to recount the entire dream and can’t discuss symbols or issues with the interpreter.
      Your point is well taken. I too have faced this issue. Thanks a lot for taking time to write

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