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Our mind, even when we are asleep, protects us from very harmful inputs. This is a built in protection mechanism against mental illness. These inputs, words which are very critical about us can seriously damage us if we were to accept them.

However, if we are doing something which is really harming us or there is an outside event which can harm us, our subconscious mind scares us in a nightmare. So that we cannot forget that dream.

Therefore nightmares are a ‘gift of the deities’ as the old texts say. They warn us.

My blogger friend had a dream

Pastor at the church is lying on the ground. It is dark. He is dying. He’s there and yet he’s not there. She looks at him and cries. Loudly. Such loud wails which she had never experienced before. She loves and respects him. Treats him like the messenger of God. She wakes up very scared.

She told me that she normally forgets what she dreams. But this one was so scary that she can’t get it out of her mind. She tells me that she needs to warn him about his death.

However, the dream is not about the pastor’s death at all. There are no symbols about him dying. This dream is about her, the dreamer. Please see the symbolism.

She respects him as God’s messenger. Therefore, he symbolises spirituality to her. He’s there and he’s not there. This clearly shows that the dream is not about him. It is about her.

The dream tells her that she is doing something which is against the Divine Law. if she continues like this, her own spirituality will die.

Upon discussing with her I found that she had recently joined a ladies group, which met thrice a week. The ladies would criticize everyone and speak very uncharitable words even about good people. It had become just a ‘bitching’ group. Although she said that she never took part in the conversations, but the fact remained that she was there in the group and listened to all that.

Upon my request, she quit the group. Within a week she had another dream

She’s on a mountain. It is wonderful, green and a gentle breeze is blowing. She’s happy.

This is an ‘encouragement dream’. Indicating spirituality and inner awakening.

The Pastor is still alive😊.

Happy dreaming and don’t fear the nightmares. They warn.


  1. Parneet, wow, dream interpretation is absolutely fascinating and a door to our subconscious psyche. This is a wonderful example of how dreaming can be used to improve our lives. Many tribes do daily dream interpretating sessions, group therapy, this builds connection between group members and also enhances the dreamers quality of life. Thanks for sharing this, blessed. 🙏🏻🔷️

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  2. Ich hatte bisher schon einige prophetische Träume. Immer wieder machten mich Träume auf den Tod bekannter Menschen aufmerksam. Einmal als schwarzer Hund (ein Chef starb mit 54 Jahren), dann als lächelnder älterer Herr im schwarzen Anzug (mein alter Chef, 14 Tage bevor er starb). Von meinen Kollegen bekam ich Traumverbot, weil sie Angst hatten.
    Als mein jüngster Sohn mit 37 Jahren starb, träumte ich sechs Wochen vor seinem Tod von seinem endgültigen Weggang.
    Ich musste lernen, die Traumbilder zu deuten. Im Dezember letzten Jahres träumte ich von einer meiner Katzen, die sich eigentlich immer als Warnung zeigen. Die Katze fiel aus dem 20. Stock von der Fensterbank auf den Boden, wo sie eigentlich hätte tot sein müssen. Doch dann stand sie auf und lief langsam zum Eingang. Damals wäre ich fast an einer Blutvergiftung gestorben. Ich träumte auch vom Virus vor zwei Jahren. Ich nehme die Träume als Geschenk und bin sehr dankbar dafür.
    Liebe Grüße, Gisela.

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    • Dear Gisela, your dreams are really prophetic. Our condolences about your Son. I don’t think you should put a bar on dreaming. There is a meaning to it always as the Universe provides you with information which can help people cope up with oncoming disasters.
      If you permit, may I at some stage share your dreams on my blog and in my book? of course without your name etc. only if you permit.
      warm regards

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  3. Nightmares are, indeed, difficult to ignore. During the pandemic, my dreams have been more weird than nightmarish. I interpret them as indications of my anxieties and uncertainties of the times.

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  4. Wonderful post. Our subconscious mind is active day and night and most of the time in dreams our inner desires, feelings, wishes , emotions and other ideas and thoughts are manifested during dreams.Have a nice day.💐🙏

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  5. Thank you for another interesting post Parneet. Dreams inform us of many things and are a link to our incredible internal world. I think paying attention to ones dreams is an important part of knowing ourselves.

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  6. Thank you. This was interesting. I’ve had some epic nightmares in my life. What is your source for dream symbols? I’m fairly new to reading your blog, so forgive me if you have answered this. Years ago I had an all-night-long nightmare from which I kept waking. It had a preview in it, like a movie, of the climax of the story. Looking back, I understood exactly what it meant. It was a dire warning but many years too late understood. ♥.

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