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Here is a real life experience which I haven’t been able to explain through logic.

Years ago, I visited an uncle of mine in an eastern country of Asia. He was around 70 at the time; a scientist who had distinguished himself in many ways. He also had undertaken a deep study of the paranormal.

During my visit he took me for a drive to a nearby town. As the road meandered into the woods, we came across large colonial houses, owned mostly by the government. Senior bureaucrats lived there.

We stopped next to a particularly imposing mansion. He said to me

” I lived there two decades ago (in the 1980s) when I worked with the government. No one wanted to live in this house inspite of its excellent condition. People said that ghosts infested this place.”

“Did you believe in all this,” I asked him.

“I didn’t. That’s why I volunteered to live here,” he smiled.

Then he recounted an amazing story

“During the first fortnight itself, my wife told me that she often saw people in the house. All of them were bleeding with gunshot wounds. They would look at her and vanish. At night she would hear noises. I never saw any of this though. One night, I was walking in our huge garden next to this enormous tropical meranti tree. I looked up and saw a number of soldiers hanging from the branches of the tree. All had been tortured and were bleeding. One of them suddenly came down from the noose and stood in front of me. He told me that they had fought in the second world war. The Japanese had tortured and hung them from this tree. After decades, they were still trapped here. Suffering in unimaginable pain. This person was their officer and he told me,’ You have the light in you. Help us so that our pain may end.’

After this encounter I researched and found that definitely there were these dead people’s souls here. I went to scientists, seers, read scriptures and learnt many types of meditation for more than a year. Until I found this system of meditation which could deliver them. For more than a week I continued with deep contemplation, prayers and all that I had learnt. Until they were able to make their journey to the other realm. It is only then that peace returned to this mansion.”

When we were leaving, from a portion of my eyes, just for a second I saw an officer all dressed in military uniform. He looked young and trim. He smiled at me and just vanished.

I couldn’t explain this to myself because the vision was very profound. Real.

Maybe any expert can explain?

32 thoughts on “GHOSTS ON A TREE

  1. John and I regularity return souls to Source. The dark has set up many traps to keep souls from returning to the light and their evolutionary path. Several times we have discovered and shut down prisons of souls that the dark trapped and then used to do their bidding. Some souls decide on their own not to return to the light or feel like they shouldn’t, but a big part of the trapped souls are those trapped by the dark. I’m so glad these souls were able to return to the light.

    Anytime someone from my past or a celebrity I hear of that has died, we always check to make sure they returned to the light and their path. If not, we explain what happened and move them along.

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  2. Nobody even replied thus far, huh?

    Personally, I’d say it means exactly what your uncle said, and the ghost appeared there at the end to possibly smile a thank you to your uncle and let you know that he was telling the truth.

    Ghosts get caught here and have a hard time passing on when they have unfinished business or died a traumatic death like that. Spiritually strong people can help them pass on via prayer, etc…

    Science, on the other hand, has a BAD habit of discounting and attacking anything it can conclusively prove. Once it does find a way to prove it, then it will take credit for the idea. Point being that just because a scientist might tell you that what you saw was a hallucination triggered by the environment and your uncle’s story, doesn’t mean it’s necessarily so. 😉

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    • I agree with you. Being a scientist myself, I can tell you that the greatest gift one can give oneself is an open mind
      What you’ve just written explains the phenomenon better than any theory. So unless anyone has a better hypothesis, then what you say holds true.
      I thank you for these insights. Incidentally my scientist uncle had also come to the same conclusion.
      My gratitude for shedding light so fearlessly.

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      • It SEEMS like a tough time to be a scientist right now. Some still attack anything that they can’t prove beyond a shadow of a doubt, and then there’s the new crowd (mostly armchair scientists I believe) that seems to want to jump on every theory as truth and extrapolate wild conclusions from them. The Butterfly Effect being a good example; it violates Newton’s second and third laws of motion.

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  3. 💜 I AM a Writer, Philosopher and PseudoPsych EveryOne; a Reality is Just That, a Reality…for example a Dream is NOT!!! Just a Dream; a Dream is a Reality either Warming or Warning so, basically, if We Don’t Respect Our Six Plus Senses We Have Nightmares


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  4. 💜 We ARE Who We ARE because of “Hypothesis”, Experimenting and Empirical Evidence EveryOne; however it’s Clear that certain Practices ARE MisGuided…for example, in the medical profession, drilling holes in heads or using leeches to bleed bad blood; or in Corporations, Military and Other Organisations Forcing Certain Behaviours in People…ergo, when We Have Empirical Evidence We Often Ignore It; saying “This is The Way We Have ALWAYS!!! Done It.” Stifling Innovation and Co-Creation


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  5. In Guyana, where I grew up, we lived with the ghosts of tormented slaves and their European slave masters. A similar phenomenon occurred at the site of Jonestown after the mass murder/suicide of the People’s Temple community. If we acknowledge that there is life after our physical death, then there must also be souls or spirits who continue to linger among us for numerous reasons.

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  6. If the body is destroyed with death, from a materialistic point of view the spiritual existence also ends, because the material body is the prerequisite for the spiritual processes in the sense of materialism – an idea that almost all people who have ever lived on this planet, would have considered utterly abstruse, desolate and poor. Fortunately, the results of science also allow completely different perspectives.

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  7. Kennst Du das Buch;
    Thirty Years Among the Dead: Historic Studies in Spiritualism; A Psychiatrist’s Investigation of Spirit Mediums and Psychic Possession in his Patients.Carl Wickland
    Weiß gar nicht was nun Deine Sprache ist?
    Auf deutsch;
    Dreissig Jahre unter den Toten.Carl Wickland
    Vielleicht bringt es Dich weiter 🙂
    lch gaube manche wissen gar nicht das sie tot sind und schwache Menschen
    wissen vielleich wiederum nicht, dass sie nicht allein einen Köper bewohnen.
    Ist die Seele im Menschen, vergißt er was er ist bzw. fühlt die Seele nicht mehr was sie ist.
    Der Menschliche Körper würde sonst wahrscheinlich direkt sterben und der Seelenplan bliebe unerfüllt.
    Ich selbst habe das Buch nie gelesen, kenne es nur von Erzählungen, denke aber der Schreiber ist nicht ganz unrecht.
    Vermutlich ist ein Geist eine Seele die noch nicht weiß, dass sie eine Seele ist.

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  8. Yes, I have read a similar experience penned down by the Holy Mother (Aurobindo Ashram, Pondicherry) when she was in Japan during Swine Flu. According to her as she was suffering with fever and on her bed, when all hope was lost for her to be cured, she had an experience of a mental dual with a negative sprit outside her window, till she was exhausted and the negative sprit disappeared.
    And then the Pandemic ceased/ vanished from the town. The people of the town were thankful to her and there was a huge newspaper coverage the next day.
    I guess people with extraordinary perceptions, like your uncle and The Holy mother are equipped with extraordinary blessings to lead kindly the Humankind.
    I guess

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