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Years ago as I was trying to imbibe the nuances of the spiritual world, I asked my teacher

“There are organisations which have a clear hierarchy of their ‘divine guides’ and one needs to go through various levels of evolution of the spirit before one can have the blessings of the supreme master. Will I ever be fortunate enough for such an experience in this lifetime?”

My teacher smiled and said

“There is only one Supreme master in the universe. The omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent essence of all reality. The Super-conscious within and without. Scriptures say that

The Omnipotence is the only true Guru and when it awakens inside of you in a state of deep surrender (in Sunn Samadhi); in that exalted fourth state of consciousness do you become the true disciple.’

When the master of all master has not created a hierarchy, how can man-made steps have any value? Look inside of you, learn to let go and the greatest source will be known as a vibrant ebullience. It will guide you, caress you and carry you along.

Do not look for a pecking order in the outside world.

Glance inside and be with the sovereign master instantly.”

He also told me

“Spiritual advancement is different than a school or university class. There is no fixed syllabus for any grade. We only have lessons to be learnt. Ultimately all lessons bring us to one single truth. That there is only oneness, a singularity. All of us are a part of that infinity, indelibly connected. A deep comprehension of this truth coupled with true bhakti (meditation in deep surrender) is transcendence.”

The divine inside, the greatest teacher and friend is here now!


  1. “Glance inside and be with the sovereign master instantly.” …This, like the rest of the post, is such a great reminder. You have chosen a loving master… that act is kindness (to both self and others), giving the ability to freely share wisdom. Thank you for sharing! πŸ’—

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  2. πŸ’œ It’s a Level Playing Field; whether Cave, Hut, House or Mansion We ARE ALL Still (Dead πŸ€” ?) Living Zombies


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  3. It seem simpler in the absence of hierarchy to just skip all the steps of spiritual instruction and just. go inside for ultimate meaning , Anyone can do this if they wish.

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