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Now, dreaming of dead people is not easy to interpret because dreams consist of symbols, many being specific to the person.


A friend dreamt that her aunt who had died some years ago, came to her as she was in a mall, enjoying her ice cream soda. She looked terrible and scary and told her she had come to take her away. The dreamer woke up very scared. Incidentally this dream had repeated thrice in three months.

It is after the third dream that this friend spoke to me. A peep into her life revealed that the dreamer, a lady in her late thirties was totally addicted to sweets. Chocolates, ice creams and more. She couldn’t stay away from these foods. In each of the three dreams she was eating something sweet when the dead aunt appeared. This dream is about foods. It is what we refer to as a ‘warning dream’. Her subconscious mind tells her that she must give up her addiction to sweets as it is damaging her health. She may end up being dead like her aunt.

Please know that dreams are often exaggerated because the objective is to scare the dreamer so that she can give up her addiction.


A blogger friend dreamt that in the night, around 0200 hrs some person knocks at her door. She gets scared. The man, in his thirties, dressed in loose clothes, drenched in mud keeps on yelling for her to open the main door. She is absolutely frightened in the dream and is trying to shout but cannot. Then she wakes up, sweating.

For this dreamer, the present dream is about paranormal. There was actually a person (in spirit) wanting to enter her house. However, due to the prayers and her inner goodness, the ethereal energy protected her home. The message for her was that she must step her prayers and be careful because such entities are not powerless.


A lady’s Father had died some years ago. One day she fell very sick and had to be taken to the ICU. She was very serious. During this sickness, she dreamt that her Father was sitting by the sea and looking at her. He sat on his favourite chair, looking much younger. In the entire dream he sat in the dark by the sea and kept on looking at her as she was a bit far away in a building, asleep. She woke up early morning.

This is a very interesting dream. When the lady woke up in the ICU, it was early morning. Her bed was next to the window overlooking the sea. She managed to raise her head and saw a chair, similar to the one in her dream lying on the beach. The chair faced her and not the sea! This dream was about her dead Father, who had come to pray for his daughter. He had been sitting there all night, praying. Sure enough she recovered miraculously even though the doctors had given up hope at night.

There is much more to such dreams. We’ll talk about them later.

Happy dreaming.


  1. I’m obsessed with dreaming and decoding the symbols, messages and all that comes with dreams. They are infinite messages here to teach us! Nice post, keep dreaming 🙌🏻💫🤗

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      • So sorry!! It happens to me often and is quite annoying!! Aww, I appreciate our friendship too, I think you were my every first follower so I always cherish our connections!! Anyways…here’s my comment 🤗:

        I am obsessed with dreaming and decoding all the symbols, messages etc. Our dreams are divine signs here to help us!! Awesome post, my friend. Keep dreaming 💫🤗🖤

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  2. I love that Father dream. I have seen both my Mom and Brother after they died. My Mom has interacted with me a few times in obvious ways, years after her death. She is often in my dreams but then she is presently reincarnated in my son’s son’s body

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  3. 💜 “Dream” = Memories, Symbolism/Representation and Messages; the Memory, 3DStuff, is a Vehicle for Attendant Attention and SubConscious PsychoDynamics of The Other Two Aspects


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  4. Die schwarze Ebene

    Um den Jahreswechsel 20/21 war ich notfallmäßig in einem Krankenhaus. Fast wäre ich an einer Blutvergiftung gestorben, weil ein Nierenstein meine Harnröhre blockierte. In letzter Minute wurde ich davor bewahrt. Es war die geistige Führung, die mir zuvor den Traum vom Hochhaussturz geschickt hatte. Ich berichtete davon. Meine Katze fiel aus dem 20. Stock, hätte tot sein müssen, stand dann jedoch wieder auf und lief zum Eingang. Da mir ein Katzentraum meistens eine Krankheit beschert, war ich unruhig deswegen.

    Auf jeden Fall ging es mir im Krankenhaus nicht gut. Wegen Corona gab es Besuchsverbot, aber ich habe weder Familie, noch sonst jemanden, der hätte kommen können. Mein Sohn war vor eineinhalb Jahren mit 37 gestorben. Er fehlt mir sehr, war er doch mein Lieblingsmensch, mein Vertrauter.

    Es war nach dem Jahreswechsel, da träumte ich einen sonderbaren Traum. Ich war plötzlich auf einer anderen Ebene. Sie war ganz und gar schwarz. Die Straßen, Häuser, Bäume, ja sogar der Horizont war schwarz. Ich lief bis zu einem großen, offenen Torbogen. Dahinter befand sich mein Sohn. Er war ganz in schwarzes Leder gekleidet: schwarze Hose und Hemd und ein langer schwarzer Mantel.

    Damals spielte er mit einem schwarzen Panther. Als er noch lebte, träumte er immer davon, mit einem solchen Tier spielen zu können. Er liebte die Tiere. Es lagen viele davon um ein Feuer herum. Dort saß er. Auch das Feuer war schwarz, wie alles. Es poppten Blumen auf, mit Gesichtern, die wieder verschwanden. Dann sah ich Felder, wie in einem Spiel aus Karton. Eines zeigte ein filmähnliches Geschehen: Da war eine Frau, die Ordnung machte und irgendwelche Unterlagen sortierte. Diese Bilder waren farbig. Ich fragte mich, ob ich diese Frau gewesen bin. Dann wurde das Spielfeld gelöscht, wie eine Episode, die abgehandelt war. Mein Sohn sollte bei mir Ordnung lernen. Aber es hatte nicht geklappt.

    Dann war da wieder die Idylle in schwarz…wie Freiheit.

    Mein Sohn stand plötzlich am Tor und lehnte an einem der Pfosten. Ich lief dorthin. Wir umarmten uns lange und verabschiedeten uns mit einem Kuss. Ich wusste, dass es ihm gut ging, und sein Erscheinen im Traum war wie ein Besuch im Krankenzimmer für mich. Ich war nicht alleine. Noch heute denke ich oft an dieses Traumbild. Es hilft mir weiterzumachen.

    Wer mehr darüber erfahren möchte: https://www.gottes-bilderbuch.de/ueber-mich/zum-gedenken

    Alles Gute und herzliche Grüße, Gisela

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  5. I remember that I had a similar dream to the second one, but many many years ago. I could so relate to the feeling the lady experienced. There was a time when I often dreamed of my grandfather. Sometimes I could touch and embrace him. Within the dream, I was aware that he was dead and told him how thankful I was to have this chance again to talk to him and feel him. It truly was like him coming back telling me that he is never really gone when even I cannot see him. Those dreams (and one of my deceased father) felt more like me meeting them in a sphere between both worlds since it felt so real.

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    • How amazing your dreams are. You did meet them both, that is a fact. Many times our loved ones come by like this to ask about our well being or to assure us that they are fine.
      I too met one of my uncles like this.
      I’m so grateful that you share this. Thank you so much

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  6. I don’t dream much myself. Or might not remember them.
    But I know a person who dreams very actively. And can even pick up a dream where it was left off the next night. Your article is very interesting. 🙂

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  7. I have prophetic words dreams which are so true and come to pass, then there are times they are what I call bean dreams, leftover business of the day. I always know the difference. The Holy Spirit of God is the originator of the prophetic ones. It’s a wonderful gift and sometimes not so much 😃🙏🙏

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    • It is true. Prophetic dreams are sometimes a gift. I have very few prophetic ones.
      May I make a small request?
      I am caught up in a lot of things and having to leave my wife alone for a long time for 2 years for work. Its very tough for her and for me.
      Please ask the Divine of he will show me a righteous path out of this.
      I am so stressed that I can’t even meditate.
      I’ll be grateful

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  8. Remember I had told you about my dream.It has disappeared since I had explained it to you.I guess sometimes we just need to share with someone and subconscious mind is free. Thank you very much for listening with all your time and patience☺.

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