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Xenoglossy is known as the ability to speak a language with no history of ever having learnt it.

In our religious literature, especially in Pentecostal and Charismatic movements, this ability is referred to as “speaking in tongues’. It is regarded as evidence of the presence of the Holy Spirit. The word itself is derived from Greek xenos, stranger or foreigner, plus glossa, language; also known as xenoglossia.

During my journey of decades when I sought to unravel the ‘truth’, I met a great mystic. He revealed to me that in almost all spiritual literature of varied cultures ‘speaking in tongues ‘ is recorded. In a deep meditative state, he could do it as well.

I also happened to witness it during trance states of people. The mystic informed me that such paranormal trance states are not ‘awakening’. They are just trance states. They are not signs of spiritual advancement. Speaking in tongues during inner awakening is different.

In Australia, many years ago, I witnessed a person who could enter into such a state and have complete conversations in languages which he had never learnt. I have seen mediums do it. Invoking spirits of dead people. A person in Benaras, India suddenly started to speak in fluent Spanish, then Russian when in self induced trance.

Parapsychology also recognises this phenomenon and researches into it.

My experience and reading of many scriptures has led me to the following observations

If you witness it “on demand” from someone and in public. Please know that it is either a psychological issue or a spirit issue.

Some people also remember language from a past life during regression.

Where it is spiritual, it cannot be in full public view. Plus, in spiritual practices, the ‘speaking in tongues’ is not a complete conversation in a foreign language. It happens as few almost unintelligible words. Sometimes the words can make sense, but it isn’t xenoglossy.

A number of ‘pseudo sadhus’ do it to attract followers and other people. These are invariably cases of the dark art and should be avoided.

For the true spiritual significance, please do refer to the Divine scriptures where the true and false states are elucidated in detail.


  1. Interesting article.

    I was a disciple of Osho, or as I called him, Rajneesh. In one of his meditation practices there came a point when you were to vocalize. I’d often end up going on and on in a strange language, gesticulating with my hands, as if I was conversing with someone. A few years later, I was living on the Navajo reservation teaching, and the Navajo language reminded me of some of the words I used to speak while doing that meditation.

    A few years after that, I was attending a spiritual ceremony and the leader starting speaking a spiritual language that he described as the original language, before languages got separated out, and again, it sounded a lot like the language that I had spoken during my meditations.

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  2. This is so interesting. Yes, one wonders about the genuineness. But I do believe that a deep state of meditation and inner contemplation can lead to unexplainable things.
    Wonderful writing and sharing. 🙂

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  3. An interesting and informative topic, Parneet. In my youth in Guyana, I was part of a Charismatic prayer group where some members did “speak in tongues.” I was not blessed with such a gift. In Brazil, as I struggled to learn Portuguese and to adapt to life in our new country, I joined a Pentecostal group from New Zealand. Again, I never did speak in tongues. Instead, I had an amazing breakthrough in being able to speak Portuguese without the embarrassment of using the wrong verb tense and male/female substantive article.

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    • How amazing. these are the very groups I mentioned in my article. Incidentally contrary to popular notions, the one who has had this experience is not higher or better than the one who hasn’t. These are just expressions of the holy life force as it awakens😊
      Once again thank you being such a good friend

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  4. i have to read it over again before leaving a comment, as this is a very thought-provoking topic especially for others whose level of spiritual beliefs is not as solid as others. as for me, I have encountered in my early years people talk about this. i also have encountered some people who claimed to have the ability to do this.
    above all, what’s worth remembering is your closing statement “A number of ‘pseudo sadhus’ do it to attract followers and other people. These are invariably cases of the dark art and should be avoided.”…. so true we have to avoid this

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    • Absolutely true. The relationship with the divine inside is a personal one. Not one for public display.
      You are so right. Public and pseudo displays will take us into one of the many dead ends of the spiritual path.
      I deeply respect your insights and I must say that I am fortunate to be connected to you.

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