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Trains generally represent the journey of life. However, a lot depends on the exact nature of the dream, the type of train, its context and so on. The dreamer may also differ in his association with trains and their meaning.

However, for a large proportion of dreams trains do represent the journey of life. Let us illustrate with examples

Dream 1: A blogger dreamt that she is at a railway station. She has to take a train for home. She is very confident to catch the train as she is well in time and the station is also close to home. As she is on the platform, the train suddenly moves and she isn’t able to board it. She knows that she has missed it and feels bad. A friend tells her to run after the train or maybe catch a bus. She hesitates because the train is very fast. Surprisingly as she runs she’s able to catch it and reach home. She’s happy.

After discussion with the blogger and knowing her current circumstance, it became clear that she wanted to move close to home. The train, represented an opportunity in her journey of life. She had already spoken to her company about moving and they had in principle agreed. However, the dream tells her that currently she may not be able to move(she misses the train). However, she must not give up as another opportunity will soon arrive and she’ll be able to go home. As predicted in her dream, some other colleague of her was moved to that station instead of her. She felt very bad and was depressed. This is the point at which she met me and casually mentioned her dream. I told her not to give up and request the company once more. She did that. Mysteriously the colleague who had been moved, joined some other organisation and our dreamer was moved to her home town within two months.

Dream 2: One of my clients dreamt that her aunt, whom she loves a lot is in a train. However, the train is shabby and people travelling with her are drunks and not good. The aunt cringes to one side. The dreamer is outside the train, but can see inside very clearly. Then the dreamer also sees a graveyard outside the train and a coffin. She cries.

This dream is also about the journey of life. However, the main subject here is her aunt. The dream tells her that the aunt may die soon(represented by the coffin). Thereafter, she may have to be in a place where souls of not good credentials go. As represented by the shabby train, the people, her cringing etc. The lesson is that she must learn a form of prayer whereby she can help her aunt both while she is alive and even after death. This is what we call a ‘warning dream’.

I taught the dreamer a form of deep prayer and meditation in surrender. I also asked her if she could somehow teach this to her aunt and both could do it together. She did that. Soon her aunt died and the dreamer did the meditations for eleven days for the aunt. After all this she dreamt that the aunt(who was now dead) was now in a luxury train and getting off at a nice hill station. She was happy and radiant.

Through the warning dream, the calamity was prevented.

Happy dreaming!


  1. Be careful slapping a ‘one size fits all” interpretation on any dream symbology. Meanings can vary widely based on cultural influences, personal beliefs, past experiences and several other factors. Some people love clowns for example, and others hate and fear them.

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  2. Such interesting interpretations. And so timely as I’ve also been dreaming of trains lately, either missing them or in another I was moving through the carriages. The journey of life indeed. πŸ™

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  3. This concept of praying and meditating for souls about to leave this world is really interesting. Hoping to alleviate the pain and suffering they may endure afterwards.
    And the dream turned towards the positive too.
    Very nice!πŸ™‚

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  4. That was very interesting again, Parneet. Two such different dreams with a train as a literal vessel for the message. I remember a dream where I caught a bus but realized that it doesn’t lead home but took me even further away. At one point, I got off and walked back which led me through unknown territory and took me very long. I don’t remember it I actually arrived. I understand this now like, I lost my way (the connection to myself during my life or during incidents and experienced happenings). It happened so quickly that I lost my path and lose the way but it took/takes me a lot longer and demands more effort to get back to myself (to say it in a nutshell). Thank you for this inspiring post, Parneet.

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    • Thank you Erika. I really respect your depth of understanding and knowledge. How easily you’ve interpreted your dream from long ago.
      Yes we do lose our path or focus sometimes in life and that is perhaps a very important lesson.
      It is such a privilege to be connected to you.

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      • Reading your interpretation that dream came to my mind. I never thought about the meaning but instantly it was so obvious.
        My, thank you so much for your kindness, Parneet. Of course, I feel gifted too that we met here. Thank you!

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  5. Interesting article. I’m glad that these people had you to turn to and assist them πŸ™‚

    I don’t know if I’ve ever dreamed of trains. My Dad had a oil/gasoline plant and trains would stop right next to it to drop off boxes of supplies, so I grew up loving the sound of the trains and being so close to them. But my travel dreams have always involved cars as cars were such a big part of my life and still are due to my vacations, travels and exploring as a kid and teenager.

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    • Of course Katelon. Cars, trains , planes, buses, ships, boats etc all represent our journeys of life, albeit with different symbolism.
      In one of my seminars one professor got up and said very angrily that dreams are nothing. I didn’t understand the reason for his anger.
      Now that I know you, I understand that it wasn’t about dreams, it was just the energies inside him. I deeply respect you for all the selfless work you do.πŸ™πŸ‘

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  6. Interesting analysis of dreams, particularly the warning dreams.
    Encouraging to read that the dreamer found you to assist her to work through a more comfortable inevitable and the confirmation in the subsequent dream.

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