My First Publication

Almost ten years ago I dreamt that I am setting up a University of higher learning and that I will be writing about spirituality.

I never thought much about it because I was too busy in work. Until one day I realised that over 30 years I had been led to seers, many forms of meditation, scientists, paranormal, psychology, dreams, mediums, scriptures, healing and mind science, to name a few. At one stage I even led the research group of the world spiritual foundation.

It would be a waste of a lifetime if this deep knowledge wasn’t shared, I felt.
That is when I began writing.

My first book “Prisons The six secrets of life” went live on Amazon India around 3 weeks ago through my publisher. I am surprised how it has sold so well without any publicity. Perhaps a higher mysterious force.

After 25 years of meditations and all else I had once prayed that some very simple spiritual principles be revealed to me which I can share with people. Without meditations and other endeavours people should be able to transform their lives. To get out of the prisons in which life often binds them.

The book synopsis is like this

Five women. Living different lives. Each, trapped in prisons of abuse, sickness, lack and jealousy. Based on dramatized, real incidents, the manuscript unearths how, through simple transformational tools, these women broke free.

There are jails in life as well as confinements after death. Nothing is unbreakable.

The author presents simple tools which each one of us can use to break the chains of our lives.

To have health, wealth, success, love and divinity. To live the lives of our dreams.

This book is about sharing with all, this master key to liberation.

Very soon an ebook version will also be released on Amazon.

Surprisingly I have completed two other manuscripts of other books as well.

Never thought I’d write. Now I love it!

Must say thanks to all those who pushed me to do this.


  1. Schreiben befreit! Das geht wohl allen Schriftstellern so. Worte zu verwenden, die sich wie ein Trostpflaster auf die Wunden der Welt legen, das ist meine Berufung. Ich wünsche Dir viel Erfolg für Dein Buch. Dein geistiger Führer wird Dir sicher so manche wortleere Lücke in Deinem Kopf füllen, damit Du nicht müde wirst.

    Alles Liebe und herzliche Grüße, Gisela

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  2. Congratulations!! What a gift to our world that you share your lifetime’s work in these engaging ways! I agree with you on how we as humans live in jails of our own, sometimes we also create them ourselves. The principles of liberation and freedom are universal, they just need to become accessible to us.

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