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We all know that ‘thoughts are things’ and we also understand the fundamental equation of life

Change your thoughts and your life will change.’

During my travels, a long time ago, I happened to chance by an old scientist. He was also a great luminary of mind science. My question to him was

What exactly is the mechanics by which thought alters our reality, if at all it does?

He explained really well.

To put it simply. Remember always that there is only one source, the creator and sustainer of all. The Omnipotent reality of pure love. We obtain our very existence from that source. If you’ve ever been to older movies, think of that source as the light which shines into the film projector.

We have ‘free will’. Hence that light does not by itself create anything. It just shines.

Each thought that we think becomes a snapshot and is stored in our memory. This is like a translucent slide which goes in the film projector. Sometimes, later thoughts overwrite this memory snapshot, creating a different slide or altering the existing picture. Deeper thoughts like our beliefs create a whole series of pictures.

Once the light shines through the translucent slide, what is projected on the screen is the content of the slide. If its a happy slide, the movie screen will have a happy picture. The movie screen may be thought of as the physical, manifest world of ours.

This is how every moment we create new slides in the factory of our mind, sometimes rewriting old ones or reinforcing them. Our circumstance is really us.”

Then how do we change our movie of life. By simply inserting new thoughts in our minds? How exactly do we do it? How do we know which thoughts to change?

He was calm. With a smile he spoke

“Of course we can inject new thoughts by imagining an outcome, by voicing something etc. However, mostly what we need to rewrite is our enduring beliefs. These are the ones which create the genre of the movies of our lives. Whether my life is a tragedy or reflects failure or is it a love story. It really is only a reflection of my enduring beliefs.

We cannot know every belief system embedded inside of us as there are many of them.”

Then what is the method of altering this genre of our lives?

He spoke these very profound words

“The source of light is not just a passive luminescence. It is a living subconsciousness. When we let go, surrender; in that stillness as we stop doing and allow ourselves to receive, the perfect thought of that omniscience awakens inside of us.

Our scriptures say that this superpower rests inside the ‘dehi’ or the human body. As we surrender, practice the yoga of letting go, ‘rangan’ or the dynamic process of awakening happens inside of us. The supreme thought, which is perfect in every way permeates deeply, burning away anything which is incongruent in our thinking world. Replacing millions of imperfect slides with perfection.

Then the very genre of the movies of our lives changes.”

His final words

“We keep on doing meditation for years with our minds and bodies. Focusing here and there.

The moment we stop doing, effortlessly receive as in the ‘Sunn Samadhi’ , we are truly one with the eternal. Try ‘dying unto yourself to be reborn’.


  1. The light within us does not shine steadily, as in a motion picture. It gets darker or brighter depending on what we do in life. Hell means being without this light. The task of destiny is to make us change, to make our light shine brighter. Only in this way can we enter into the highest consciousness.
    God knows better than we do what we lack. Do we want to dictate to Him the paths that HE should lead us?
    We must do in every moment what is required of us. We are everywhere in the home and always in God.

    Kind regards, Gisela

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  2. How wonderful that you’ve been able to meet such informed people throughout your life.

    I used to teach workshops in businesses, govt. offices, etc on wellness, stress release, empowerment and I included the projector image and our thoughts shining through. It’s a powerful image. Imagine what it is going to be like when the dark are shut down fully and we are able to harness the fullness of our divine capabilities and guidance!

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  3. Very fascinating topic for me and amazing analogies used! Our mind is such a powerful tool to be used effectively – with intention, affirmations and positive imagination. If we don’t die unto ourselves – our beliefs, judgements, conclusions that keep us locked in our illusions and misperceptions – we are forced to clear out of our comfort zones, suffering becomes our vehicle for realizing the light of consciousness and clarity of our existence.

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