Live, Be, Being, Presence, Here, Now
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Life itself presents multiple opportunities to fulfill our latent potential.

To self actualise spiritually, mentally and physically.

Edgar Cayce writes that there no need to seclude oneself at one edge of the world.

There is no need to learn to push your soul essence out of the body looking for ‘God’.

The Omnipotence is who we are. Alive in the midst of daily trials of life.

Ask and be quiet.

You shall know.

10 thoughts on “SELF ACTUALISATION

  1. So true. The Lorian Foundation focuses on Incarnational spirituality, incarnating fully! In the bad US remake of the amazing movie “Wings of Desire”, there are scenes where Nic Cage, the angel who chose to incarnate due to his love for Meg Ryan’s character, is eating blueberries….in ecstasy from the taste, and then in the shower, feeling the warm water run down his neck and back. I can relate to those scenes. How amazing that we get to have these bodies and smell, taste, touch, sense so much beauty.

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    • Absolutely. I couldn’t agree more.
      I have seen the Lorian Association details. They are very impressive. David sprangler seems to have a desire to do some great work.
      Thank you for always contributing richly


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