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The concept of a separate body of the mind has been around for thousands of years, in almost every culture.

It may seem a bit tough to visualise, yet once we do, a lot of questions get answered.

Where do we go after death?

Why do people have different accounts of life after death?

Do we merge with God once we die?

The mind is a complex data-bank which has existed ever since our soul was generated out of the eternal essence. Existing as an ethereal energy, it stores every thought and every experience.

While we exist as humans, the mind (not just the brain), the energy essence builds itself with every thought which we allow to permeate.

As we eat something and the essence of that food assimilates into the entire body, so does the essence of every thought permeate seamlessly into our ‘mind body’. This ‘mind body’ is the living memory of all thoughts, attitudes, beliefs and actions since ages.

Edgar Cayce writes that this ‘mind body’ is our true home after the end of our physical incarnation. In other words once we die, we live inside the environment created by our own thoughts. We do not immediately merge with the eternal super consciousness, rather we must carry the burden of our beliefs.

In the Indian myth, one person appeared before the Buddha as an apparition because the person had suffered a physical death. He was carrying a heavy chain on his legs. He told the Buddha that the chain was carefully crafted by him while he lived. Crafted by his own incongruous thoughts. He begged of the prophet to free him.

In my book “Prisons: The Six Secrets of Life (available of Amazon), I too have recounted a real life incident like that.

In another amazing account of the paranormal “Thirty years amongst the dead” the author describes many accounts of people who had passed on. Each person continued to live in a world of his own beliefs. A personal ‘hell’ as may be said.

Each one of us has the power to create our own ‘mind body’ while we are alive. With every carefully crafted thought. This special body permeates time-space and creates an environment where we exist, at least until we learn our lessons.

However, all is not lost and there is nothing to fear. Edgar Cayce likened the mind to a tree. Each thought should be thought of as a nest.

It isn’t important which birds come, sit on the tree and fly away. What is material is which birds do we allow to build their nest on this tree.

There are many ways to alter and refine this ‘mind body’.

First is working with dreams. As we begin to write down our dreams, we learn to interpret them. Then we uncover the fault lines and the strengths in our beliefs.

Secondly we can mindfully observe our thoughts. For example which situations trigger a strong emotional response. This self analysis helps a lot to identify the faulty patterns. Self observation also helps to identify the phrases we generally use about ourselves.

Do I say ‘thanks’ when I’m given a compliment or do I retort back with one of my perceived weaknesses? What do I say generally about myself?

This is a fun activity because we can identify statements like

I’m not that good.

I can’t seem to manage my day.

I can’t understand people.

I’m always tired.

As we alter these unnoticed affirmations, our ‘mind body’ changes in the ethereal plane.

Have a beautiful ‘mind body’. Embellish it with the make up of self love. Check out the new results.


    • You are absolutely right. It would be a fallacy to confine ourselves. We are much more.
      I followed your excellent blog not to get more followers, but I really found your posts very thought provoking. Stuff that I love to read when I’m free.
      Thank you dear friend


  1. I have been looking into metaphysics for a few days, and reading this post really inspired me to dig into it! I also will try to write down my dreams in the morning so I can better understand my innermost thoughts. Love your posts! ❀

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    • How lucky you are. As a kid I never learnt any of this great stuff 😊
      i was just a kid who couldn’t figure out much about the world except the textbooks and games.😊
      I had to grow up and learn much more.
      So nice to be connected with your excellent blog. Thanks a lot for your words. Always

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  2. There are different types of dreams. In some we process the experiences of the day, in others we receive messages that show themselves in images. I have received a great many of these messages. Only with time did I learn to understand the images. Then there were direct dream communications for me. My soul immediately knew the meaning. Usually they were indications of upcoming events, such as a car accident, an illness or a death. Then there were also warnings about other people or what they were doing against me.

    I live in the certainty that we are all connected souls. There is no time in the universe. We cannot imagine a thing without a beginning and an end. Maybe we all live only once, as different persons, in different times?! This is how our spirit, our soul grows.

    Thank you, for the interesting contribution. Kind regards, Gisela

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    • Dear Gisela
      I have always found your posts very thought provoking. What you write above is totally correct. I have had very similar experiences with dreams.
      Of course we are all connected. The first word of the sikh scripture Guru Granth Sahib is ‘Ek Oangkaar’. There is only one, oneness, singularity.
      We do live as different personalities as you’ve rightly said. How else can we have diverse experiences?
      From my very heart I always value every word that you write. I also value the time you spend to do so.
      My heartfelt gratitude.

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  3. Working with dreams can be extremely overwhelming especially the nagging ones that seemd to spell out more negativity than positivity. We do miss the chance of extracting the most positive message in that turmoil if we abruptly discard it without going to the drawing board to unravel and wait for the positivity to take effect. Within the dream even the though task can be daunting we must sum up the courage to walk out of the negativity knowing that life is filled with joy and pain.

    September does this to me
    Wishing you a beautiful September

    In the theological system I was born into and come to live and experience the mind body is portrayed as the book of life and beautiful grace that one day you will meet your creator face to face.

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    • Firstly thanks a lot for taking time always to write. it means so much to me.
      Your theological system is well understood. It does not vary from either my research or my own experience of mind-body.
      The book of life is truly authored by us and you’re right in saying that its purpose is self realisation. To experience the grace of the creator one day, in its fullness.

      Thank you so much for sharing your insight πŸ‘πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜Š


  4. I agree that while alive we can do much to monitor our thoughts and unwind and unpack all the lies we’ve believed about ourselves. And….via the work I’m doing, I believe that dark mind control and all the lies we’re being fed through the dark manipulation of religions, education, science, the media etc. is responsible for much of this. And we’ve seen in our work how the dark traps souls after death, so I believe many of these after death chains are not self created by dark created as the dark compromises souls before they incarnate again.

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    • Yes it is true. These things can be very devious. My teacher would often tell me.
      I think just total faith and awakening of the divinity may just be the only answer.
      Katelon you must write some books which could help people.

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