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Sigmund Freud, who used dreams only for therapy, had called them the ‘royal road’ to the subconscious (he called it unconscious).

Since the advent of known human history, religion and science, dreams have played a stellar role in our lives. Ancient Greeks, Trojans and others even had a Minister in the King’s cabinet for interpreting dreams, symbols and the like. Artemidorous Daldianus or Ephesius wrote a treatise by the name OneirocriticaΒ orΒ OneirokritikonΒ (The Interpretation of Dreams) in five volumes. He had travelled across Europe to collect over 20000 dreams across cultures.

Tartini was a distinguished violinist. He composed his ‘Devil’s Sonata’ after being inspired by his dream.

I know of a friend who received a dream that he must speak with force, just as steam comes out of a pressure cooker. He rightly interpreted this dream as telling him of how he should speak in public. he practiced the exact method given by his dream. Today he’s one of the finest public speakers I know of.

Dreams are also referred to in every religion, ancient medicine systems like Ayurveda and even in the science of Homeopathy. Modern day Psychology uses dreams extensively in therapy.

Therefore, when someone says that dreams are just nothing, only imaginations of the mind, it is not correct. Because as you’ll discover in this journey of dreams through these lectures, this language of allegory and symbolism of dreaming is a must for every child and should be taught in schools.


Dreams emanate from the subconscious mind. A place which contains an infinite amount of access to the universal spirit. The subconscious mind is endowed with twin objectives.

The primary objective is always to guide the person towards self realisation. A goal which gets etched in our souls, the moment we decide to opt for human life. Therefore every person will get dreams which will tell him of the mistakes he may be making.

The other objectives are governed by the occupation and the focus of the person. Dreams do stick to righteousness whenever the need arises, due to the nature of their source i.e the unsullied subconscious mind.

This is why scriptures say that ‘it is better to be asleep and in a dream than to be unawakened and awake, because during dreams you’re closer to the divine essence.


Of course, a number of dreams are what we refer to as hotchpotch. These are only exercise of the subconscious mind. Just like the human body, the mind too needs exercise. Such unconnected dreams serve this important purpose.

A friend of mine dreamt that she was walking in a garden, then a sheep comes into the sea, now the sky is lit with stars and thereafter someone is sleeping. When she wakes up from the dream, she barely remembers it and has no emotions.

Clearly, this is a dream which was meant to serve a very important purpose. To ensure sanity of the mind. Such dreams do not possess a message for the dreamer but ensure that the mind does not atrophy.

Next time we’ll take the topic of dream interpretation further.


  1. I love that I came across this today! I just dreamed of a room filled with pastries and I tried everyone until it was oozing off my face and I was in complete delight! I will follow your blog to understand my dreams better thank you so very much for sharing with us πŸ₯°

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    • I agree. Many symbols are personal to the dreamer. However, a dream therapist does help a lot in guiding them to understand the symbols etc.

      I’m so grateful to you for your insights. Maybe one day we will be able to exchange more views.
      My gratitude

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