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I started researching into this question many years ago, after I had a vivid dream, which was clearly about a past life of mine. From the scriptures of various cultures I found a common thread. That whatever our belief systems be, it appears that we do live as different personalities on this Earth dimensions and in many other dimensions over time.

The Purpose? : Self realisation.

Let us look at some examples.

A friend of mine had a dream where he saw himself killing many Hindu priests. Converting them and their families to Islam. It was very vivid for him as he clearly saw the year, the clothes etc. He knew nothing of dream interpretation, but as he woke up in the middle of the night, he just had to write it down. It was also scary for him.

Clearly, his subconscious mind was nudging him towards his purpose of the present birth. He’s a hindu from a priestly caste in this life. As we discussed the issue he understood that he was being informed of his grave folly of a previous life. Where he believed not in the oneness of all life. He could not empathise or realise the beauty of diverse cultures. He had to be born as one of the very people whom he despised, so that he could truly appreciate the grace of that society. His dream reminded him of that purpose.

During a special meditation session for advanced students, one seeker experienced many lifetimes where he and his present day relative were born together. The relative was always seeking out to capture by force, the dreamer’s wife. His wife in all those births was the same soul as his wife in the present life. In some life he kills that ‘relative’ while in others that person kills him. But not even once does he allow that soul to capture or exploit his ‘wife’. The rivalry continued for many years, going back thousands of years.

This is an example of a continuing conflict where the characters are born over and over again, as different personalities over time. Somehow to resolve their long pending issues. In the current lifetime, that relative was born as the dreamer’s wife’s cousin, a brother sister relationship. Clearly in this life that person could not covet her in a negative way. He respects her. At a soul level their issue is resolved. However, the dreamer had an unforeseen problem with this relative even in the current life as this person sought to undermine the dreamer even in this life. These series of very profound visions helped the dreamer to truly understand the problem of ages. The rivalry was then resolved by him through his own understanding.

All the persons involved definitely understood at a deep soul level the importance of resolving this conflict. Unless this was done, the old account would be settled, only to give rise to a new account and so on.

Once the relative killed the dreamer. Now the law of Karma ordains that the dreamer must get his chance. He gets it in another lifetime and kills the relative. The law now provides a chance the relative once again and so on. Never to end, until they forgive each other and move on.

The importance of forgiveness is that it deletes the karmic account of that issue. Allowing us to move on to higher consciousness.

One of the great spiritual teachers of the century, from whom I learnt the art and science of total surrender to the infinite within, once told me that as the soul expands in its knowledge and consciousness, it then develops the ability to branch itself out and experience different lifetimes simultaneously in diverse dimensions. Thereby accumulating vast experience quickly so that it can ascend towards the super-consciousness. I did read about this aspect in related literature as well.

I have met many people who were born as different genders in different lifetimes.

Scriptures also ordain that it not just different humans that we incarnate as. We could live in different dimensions as gods or demons, as plants or animals and could even be trapped in the material kingdom. Infinite are experiences which we can go through.

The Universe is a vast school. Here, there are no theory lectures. Only practical experiences which are lessons. Ultimately, every ‘lesson’ nudges us closer to our divine truth, our true omnipotent natures, towards self realisation.

May all those who read, prosper.


  1. Thank you for the interesting topic! A few years ago I wrote a book “Beyond the Veil” about this very subject: A nobleman in the 19th century, obsessed with possessing a certain woman and then raping her, commits suicide and jumps off a cliff. He ‘awakens’ in the afterlife and finds that death, as he imagined it, does not exist. From then on, an angel accompanies him and teaches him. He is led back by him into different lives on earth and must see that he knew the beloved woman already for eternities. Always she was brought to him in different appearances. The beginning made Mesopotamia and the Marduk temple in which she was priestess.

    For me it has been clear for a long time that in only one life we can never learn our lessons here. The Bible says there is only ONE life. What if there was ONE life in different bodies and persons?

    Best regards, Gisela

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    • Wow. Your book must be very interesting. I’ll download it on kindle.
      In my post the person who saw multiple past lives was actually me. Its a long story.
      I think the Bible speaking about one life could refer to the fact that our life is actually a continuum. Different places, dimensions etc. About different bodies at the same time, it does happen as per some very learned souls whom I’ve met. Scriptures do speak about it also.
      Meanwhile it is so great to be connected via our blogs. Your words are always enriching.
      Thank you so much.πŸ™πŸ»πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜‡

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    • True. That is the question. I guess during the time on this planet, you shape your future with what you’ve done.
      I really liked this question of yours. It is queries like this which lead to greater knowledge.
      Thank you for thisπŸ™πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ˜Š

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  2. The dimensional concept can also be attached to the multiverse. There are many forms of humans, not only the past & present ones but parallel ones as well.
    Recently, I went through an article discussing dreams. Dreams are an unpaid virtual reality which uhh flows in our heads. How strange it is that most people often consider dreams as another body functioning whereas it’s something more than magical. As you stated about diff. lifetimes, I consider dreams a way to explore those.
    Quite an insightful post.

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  3. In this context I need the dream I had on Tuesday early morning and dreamed the same dream later in the morning again.
    Sunday night’s dream was also interesting and I would use this blog to guide me. I actually started making notes about Tuesday’s dream and put it aside for a while.
    Thank you for this interesting share.

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  4. No matter what day it is, whether years ago, today, right now, or sometime in the future, it is always now to you and me. The only place we exist in right now. You can assure yourself of this by realizing you’re always here and now, each moment is where we are. There is no other place.

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  5. There’s one more thing: the imagination. While we can imagine many things, it doesn’ t make any of them true. But many people like living in their imaginations, for a time, because in that they feel “hope,” but reality is always coming around the corner, and the dream doesn’t survive. Be real.

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  6. 🀯 looooooove this πŸ‘‰πŸŒˆπŸ‘ˆ holy yowsers this took Mee deeeeep!!! I wanna go again! Again! Again! Giggle Giggle πŸ₯°πŸ₯°πŸ₯°πŸ₯°πŸ₯°πŸ₯°πŸ₯° thank you for sharing this i rather enjoyed it!!!!

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  7. Buddha hat ja gesagt, dass er sich an viele vergangene Leben erinnert. Dass es andere Menschen gibt, die sich ebenfalls erinnern, wusste ich nicht. Das wΓΌrde ich gerne auch kΓΆnnen. – Aber wie?
    It is said, that Buddha remembered thousands of lifes he had lived. I did not know, that other humans can also remember. I wish I could, But how?

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    • The first method is to go to a qualified psychologist who does past life regression. As in the book ‘many lives many masters ‘.
      However please be cautioned as these methods are generally used for therapy only.
      The second way is to build the sixth sense through meditations which take you very deep into surrender. Not trance, but a deep relaxation.
      Finally you can ask for a dream before sleeping. It takes a while, but these methods do work mostly.
      However always caution ⚠️.
      We don’t use it for fun at all. 😊
      Things can have serious side effects.


  8. Dear Sir,
    This is similar to my experience. I have seen past 6 births with my husband.
    In every birth, I escape his designs on me.Ultimately I happen to be his wife in this life. (We are from different culture, different religion etc etc).
    As of now I am unable to solve a riddle, and it goes thus:-
    If I happen to think about executing any work, just think, my husband, who does not even know of my plans,(as I have yet to share it with him), comes out from nowhere and destroys the entire sequence.
    Normally he would never chance upon even to think of the issue. But no sooner the thought is constructed in my thoughts, he becomes instrumental in its destruction.
    My question is How to stop passing the buck to the next birth. I do not want another birth.
    I have tried to forgive him and ask forgiveness from his soul during my meditations.
    For the past 30 years no change has occurred.
    Any remidy?

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      • πŸ›Thank you. Also u are right . Having the ‘Prisons’, in my hands, I am realising that bars around me will melt and give way to my freedom, but very very gradually….
        Thank you once again

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      • Please do the following
        1. After your Sunday meditation, please stand and say
        ” I am free of every situation and every trouble which binds me. By Divine grace all shadows of the past now melt in the light of the present.”
        Later this affirmation can be done daily. 5 times per session.
        2.please do your meditations regularly plus
        3. please read Lucy’s story on self love and practice that for 15 min daily.
        4 Twice a week please visualise yourself living a free and fulfilled life.
        May the Divine bless you abundantly


  9. You became when you were first created, given life in the womb, then are living a life as we all are, one day to discover what life after is about. But let’s say, for whatever reason, you once lived in another life. What’s the point?

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    • Every personality can provide different experiences and learning. That is the reason. All the cumulative experiences make us who we are today.
      I agree with you though that I must live who I am today.
      Absolutely. Thanks for this.😊😊


      • Oh. You’re welcome. The article brought up ideas I heard a long time ago, some I had considered when very young. I will add one more thing, or two, and wish you well: We have thoughts, but we don’t know where they originate, for we can separate ourselves from the stream of thoughts, watching them as from a distance. Thoughts are thoughts. They don’t have to be true. They can be. But there can also be nonsense. Like when I’ve dreamed I turned into a doughnut and flew, or when I flew over a cornfield, three feet above. No point. But there is another, where people live in their dreams, live in their fantasies, and I wonder how much of this is an escape, for in dreams one can imagine life very differently from reality, and reality is the only place where I wish to be. In reality, we are living real lives, as they happen, in real time. I think, when a person begins to lose connection with reality, perhaps trying to escape into their notions or fantasies, perhaps in some cases, puffing or popping, they are becoming less and less able to deal with real life, actually becoming an enemy of reality, which is the only place we exist. I guess it’s like denial. And some people don’t like what they see inside, so they escape, then ideas like the article and others become enticing, especially if you can find others going along for the ride. But, and I say this with caution, people become more and more guilty inside the more they try to escape and not live in real life. All the best.

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    • This is absolutely true. However, the soul always seeks multifarious experiences. Hence the ability to do that.
      For an exalted soul as yours, if you don’t need those experiences anymore, then so be it. It is a great place to beπŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»

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      • Where do people get the idea of past lives? I know the imagination can conjur up just about anything. If I dream I used to fly way up high, sometimes across the universe, does that mean I once was the silver surfer? Or Superman? As far as becoming a better person, if one doesn’t do so in this life, what would make such a person do it in another life when they go through everything all over again. And when the Earth supernovas?

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      • Whereas I totally agree with you that if I cannot be what I want to , now, how will I be in the future which I have not known. This is totally true and it is a philosophy to be followed. I cannot differ on that. However, there is tremendous contemporary research on the paranormal. If we go through much peer reviewed work, many of our beliefs may get a jolt. Just like quantum physics has done.
        Having said that, I am not championing the cause of past lives or anything else. The idea of this blog is to present knowledge from different sources. To accept that or not to is an individual choice and we all must respect the others’ choices.
        Regarding dreams also, it is a study in which many people are writing doctorates. Perhaps that research would throw better answers. Once again believing is entirely a choice.
        I do thank you for stirring up issues. This is what creates further knowledge.


  10. I have two minds about reincarnation and after-life. I wonder if I am channeling another writer because I dream plots and if I am lucky in the morning to write them down had a good story. I would love to know if anything exists for an after-life. I think if anyone could come back, my mother would have. I do think she haunts us a little.

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    • Things which aren’t easily tangible are difficult to prove. For them we have to use circumstantial evidence. Even something as simple as air pressure is actually inferred.
      Without going into details there is both a pre life and an afterlife. The time spent here is just a blip in the universal calender.
      However the physical features, the personality traits are gone with death. The plethora of observations cannot be explained by any other hypothesis than that of afterlife.
      Although one shouldn’t try it at all, yet the people who do astral travel actually learn to get their soul out at will.
      Having read plenty and experienced plenty I feel that at the moment there isn’t a better theory. Then who knows tomorrow 😊
      Thanks a lot for writing. It is such views and our little queries that enhance our knowledge.
      I am grateful πŸ™πŸ»

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