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Many seekers ask this question

Will we all, one day merge into the creative oneness, the omnipotence? Will I exist then or will there be no me?”

I must say that this very thought used to scare me to terror, many years ago. So much so that I really didn’t want any self realisation if it meant obliterating myself to this point.

Thankfully, a really great teacher answered my query.

The term ‘merging into oneness’ or ‘obliteration’ is to be interpreted more through allegory than through our prism of science. Being a science student, my concept of merger was akin to what a black hole does to stars. It just ends them. As if they never existed.

Yet, the omniscience isn’t a black hole, I was told!

The oft cited example of being only a drop in the ocean isn’t actually true, if we see the ocean as one single being. It was explained to me that as humans, we see duality. Myself as being different from other people and forces. This concept is known as “haumae” in Indian culture. ‘Ego’ as some translate it.

Yet ‘Ego’ or ‘haumae’ are very different from being ‘egoist’.

Scriptures point out that even the humblest of people in the world may be filled with ‘ego’ or ‘haumae’.

Nimakh nimakh kar shareer katae, to bhi haumae mael naa javaae.”

(Even if we make ourselves equivalent to dust and slowly cut our body into pieces, still the dirt of ego does not leave us)

Because, the ego actually implies duality in spiritual parlance. A perception and belief in a different me and different others.

As we practice the meditation of surrender, the Bhakti(with love in my heart, surrender to the divinity within), our awareness of the truth, the singularity of the creation becomes more profound. It is a deep realisation, not mere words. I understand my true nature, my own infiniteness, my place and my true lofty self. When this happens, I am free from the cycle of birth and death. I have, as they transcended or merged with the one source, the Universe.

It isn’t a physical union. Rather a realisation of my own infinity. I remain aware of my own personality, my own self. Yet I also know of that oneness of which I am.

It is the best of both worlds.

The duality perception vanishes.

The merger is only in the knowing, not corporeal.

So friends go ahead and pursue self-realisation. It’s a great place to be.


  1. Your interesting posts, for which I sincerely thank you, tempt me every time to long comments. I hope you will forgive me for that. I had to think about it.

    Every incarnation is connected with the limitation of consciousness. Reincarnation, for the purpose of developing a soul through physical experiences, is not always recognized. This idea corresponds to our consciousness of time and space. I think that there are no chronological incarnations. Are there lives that are parallel or simultaneous? Here on this world the consciousness makes the experience of duality.

    The “normal state” of a soul is the astral existence. On the astral plane there is no against each other, but a loving togetherness.

    I think that the soul in its essence is invulnerable. So-called ‘soul suffering’ is the authentic experience of suffering in the physical existence, because only in this way is this experience possible. In any case, joy and suffering belong to the experience of physical existence. Development is a process. Every experience brings us further, even ‘bad’ experiences, which are therefore not bad in this sense. We are all each other’s teachers.

    Man will find only God in all teachings and sciences. Every person should consider himself as God’s instrument of revelation. We must become aware of our own inner development and discover our own level of consciousness.

    In the end, the transition to the astral plane occurs through death. The soul returns home. There is only a physical death. The original soul is immortal.πŸ¦‹

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    • Firstly allow me to thank you for your long posts. They add a lot of value and everyone gains from your wisdom. It’s a pleasure to read.
      I agree that time itself being non linear, our lives cannot be so. My teacher told me that an evolved soul resides in different dimensions, different bodies etc simultaneously. To gather that much experience and lessons.
      However not all souls return to their astral essence post death.
      They reach a plane which is essentially a reflection of their dominant thought.
      I truly value your words. Please know

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  2. Interesting post. Even though I have memories of incarnations from my very first one on, in service to shutting down the dark experiment throughout creation, I still get boggled thinking of Source….how did Source come about? What happens when we are done incarnating….do we just disappear into the vastness of Source? I had the book “Toward the One” by Pir Vilayat Inayat Khan, as Sufisim came the closest to my understanding of spirituality. I somehow couldn’t even get past the introduction as attempting to grasp and understand the vastness of what he was talking about would just push my mind out beyond comprehension.

    The timeline we are working to establish/bring forth once the dark one is shut down is a timeline of Oneness, bringing us back to the understanding that in truth we are all ONE, even though we each have our individuation of our soul’s experience and our bodies. Perhaps then we will better understand it all….or perhaps it will always be too vast to truly grasp.

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    • i totally agree. That is why the source is called
      Sehbhung– self created. and is also beyond comprehension.
      However, we never lose our identity, even in ‘merger’. We just know ourselves a lot better.
      One day do tell me about your memories about your past lives. If that is not too personal.
      Thank you for always being there

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    • I too had this question a number of times, until it was clarified to me. Now I know that ‘merger’ is a profound state of true self awareness. Of knowing. Not of being obliterated.
      Thank you so much for always being there

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