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Sometimes, the greatest joy is not to be found in the soul of achievement. Not in the creation of a new edifice. Rather in the knowing that the Divine has preserved my existing hut, my humble dwelling.

Herein lies the golden gate to immeasurable gifts, to a life of Shukar or Gratitude.

Appreciating and acknowledging the abundance we already possess. To be able to see the light brightening up our lives, today.

The grand edifice we so desire shall stand tall one day. Only on the sands of gratitude towards what is already with us. That is the foundation.

On the crossroads of life

I chanced upon two sisters Abundance and Poverty were they

“Who will be my companion on my journey?” I asked

“Whichever consciousness you possess, O traveller!”

Then I saw two friends, on the same crossroads

One said, “Let us go East where the light shines.”

“What’s in it for me?” asked the other.

As if by magic, the sister Poverty appeared, by the other’s side

“Your companion am I, for what you said is me, Poverty Consciousness”

Abundance then appeared on the first friend’s side

“You wondered how you could make the road better, not what was in it for you. You said ‘thank you’ for all that you possessed,” she whispered.

“That is me, Abundance Consciousness”

So, make a choice of your buddy, for at your own crossroads the option will be yours

Which consciousness to have as a companion along the journey of your life.



  1. Beautiful Saturday Morning Read
    I’m so thankful for my physical and spiritual dwelling places.
    For the dawn, the stars and the sea that unfurls
    For the hush that hangs over the world.

    These two choices Abundance or Poverty vividly and powerfully illustrated.
    Thanks for the share.

    Liked by 3 people

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